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BUSMAKERS NEWS * China: Zenix Auto & Yutong Bus

* China - Zenix Auto is developing aluminum wheel for Yutong's new energy bus

(Photo: Chinese Aluminum body city bus)
Zhangzhou,China -PRNewswire (USA) -Oct 22, 2014: -- China Zenix Auto International Limited, the largest commercial vehicle wheel manufacturer in China in both the aftermarket and OEM market by sales volume, announced today that it is developing a new model of aluminum wheel designed for the Yutong Bus Co., Ltd.'s ("Yutong") new energy bus... Zenix Auto constructed one of the first aluminum wheel production plants in China for commercial vehicles and began offering aluminum wheels at the end of 2013. As an industry leader in research and development, Zenix owns a total of 85 patents in China. Zenix Auto's aluminum wheels are expected to replace imported aluminum wheels and be an alternative to current steel wheel models. Current production capacity for aluminum wheels is 500,000 units... Yutong Bus Co., Ltd is the largest and the most technologically advanced manufacturer of large- and medium-sized buses in the world...



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