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* Brazil - Idea for future mobility: the good old bus

 (Video from YouTube by Effie Absher/CNN -23 Sept 2014: CNN's Shasta Darlington looks at public transportation in the Brazilian city of Curitiba) 
Curitiba,PAR,Brasil -CNN, por Meera Senthilingam -22 de septiembre 2014: -- Over 2 million people use the Rede Integrada de Transporte in Curitiba each day... Autonomous vehicles, levitating trains and supersonic tubes have all been suggested as radical ways to transport us faster as the new urban age approaches, but it seems the real secret to a faster commute has been with us all along -- the bus... Bus rapid transit (BRT) systems are paving the way for sustainable, efficient, and affordable travel and now operate in 181 cities worldwide... His design of a 'subway on wheels' transported 50,000 people daily back in the 80s and today sees over 2 million passengers step on board each day. Six circular routes radiate around the city in both directions and in dedicated lanes, enabling frequent services. Colour-coding of buses also makes it easier to know if you're on the right track... This bus-based infrastructure is significantly cheaper to build than going underground like the metro systems seen in other cities such as London and New York... Thirty-three cities in Brazil now host a BRT, as well as a further 26 across the rest of Latin America. The continent is setting the example for the field but has its own social challenges to overcome with its users... The lure is still faster travel but also convenience, with bus stops every 400 meters... The result is a high-capacity bus capable of carrying 250 passengers at once -- as many as a Boeing 787. The priority now it to get people on board... The tried and tested technology of Curitiba has proven successful and the city has long been known as a laboratory for sustainability. So as the future approaches with daydreams of jetpacks and hovercrafts, the reality for us all may be not to miss the bus...



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