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* Western Australia - Late buses upset passengers

(Picture by Ben Crabtree/The West Australian: Punctuality, passengers upset at late buses) Perth,WA,Australia -The West Australian, by KENT ACOTT -September 24, 2014: -- Improving the punctuality of Perth's buses will be a key focus for public transport authorities over the next year... The Public Transport Authority's annual survey showed passengers were generally happy with bus, train and ferry services in Perth... But it also identified that passenger satisfaction with the punctuality of buses was at an all-time low - down from 82 per cent to 76 per cent. There was concern - particularly in Midland, Canning and Fremantle-Cockburn - that too many buses were running late or not running to their timed schedules... PTA spokesman David Hynes said buses, like all road vehicles, could be delayed by congestion... He said the survey would prompt a new focus to improve bus punctuality...



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