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* Russia - Bus driver crushed against motorway barrier by careless trucker - who carries on driving 

(See the anazing video here: The footage shows the bus driver trying to overtake the slower moving lorry on the highway through north-western Russia's road) 
Smolensk Oblas,Russia -Yahoo News –Sep 2, 2014: -- A stunned bus driver managed to film the moment his vehicle was crushed against a motorway barrier by a careless Russian trucker... But as he starts to draw level, the truck - apparently oblivious to the bus - switches lanes, sandwiching the packed coach against a steel barrier... The bus blasts its horns, but the trucker - still not noticing the crunch - keeps going... One online commenter who viewed the footage: ‘You can see how hard the bus was hit because it starts stripping away the steel barrier like a row of toothpicks. The trucker veers to the left, forcing the bus driver towards the barrier... 'It's amazing that the driver managed to keep enough control to stop the vehicle’ ... The video shows the truck eventually pulling over, several hundred metres down the road... Police spokesman Gregory Yudin said: 'A truck driver is being interviewed over an allegation of dangerous driving. The video footage, which all vehicles are required to have by law, is being assessed to see who was at fault, and whether anyone will face charges' ...



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