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* USA: Climate Movement Agenda (Opinion)

* New York - One million (frequent) electric buses plus protected bikeways, “everywhere”

NY,USA -Nakes Capitalism, by Yves Smith August/Originally published at New Economic Perspectives, by Michael Hoexter, a policy analyst and marketing consultant on green issues, climate change, clean and renewable energy, and energy efficiency -August 12, 2014: ... Many climate activists’ proposals have focused on energy sources, as in promoting more use of solar or wind energy, and haven’t focused on how consumers use energy, as in the related infrastructure. Whether or not you agree with his proposals for electric buses and bicycles, they do make for a point of departure in getting to pragmatic reforms... This set of demands goes against the grain of the fossil-fueled neoliberal order, tending to distribute income and services via targeted government spending to people in the middle and working classes, though these services are open to and would benefit all. These programs also direct government attention and support away from the fossil fuel companies towards renewable energy and electrified transportation, also against the grain. Because they work against the grain, they require people to get out on the streets and into state and federal government buildings to demand change. 
Slogans help in this regard, so here are a few obvious ones to start: 
 “1,000,000 Electric Buses, Now!!” 
“Bikeways Everywhere, Now!!” 
“100,000 Wind Turbines, 1,000,000 Electric Buses” 
“Clean, Frequent, Affordable, Public Transit, Now!!” 
“Safe Streets for Biking, for Walking, for Business and for Play” 
 And the list could go on …



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