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TECHNO-BUSES * UK: Proton's triple fuel cell

* England - Revolutionary new product developed by Proton Power Systems

(Photo: Fuel Cell Triple Hybrid Bus by Proton Motor) 
Newcastle,EN,UK -The Journal, by Coreena Ford -Aug 11, 2014: -- Fuel cell maker Proton Power Sytems has finished work on a revolutionary system for electric vehicles... A fuel cell triple hybrid bus by Proton Motor, based in Germany... The Newcastle-registered company has developed the HyRange 25 system, a product that produces 25kW of net power to support bus, light and heavy duty vehicle applications... The system, the firm said, can allow bus manufacturers to downsize on board batteries, increase passenger load and reduce operating costs... Fuel cells made by Proton Power have been used in the Czech Republic for the last four years and in Germany for the last two years... In Germany the HyRange 8 System with 8kW of net power has been used on a 7.5 tonne logistics vehicle, which has been running in a full time service without interruption “with extremely pleasing results”... The firm said it has been continuously testing and running the HyRange 25 system over the last nine months and that it can be used as a range extender for electric vehicles, generating 50kW or 75kW in multi system applications...

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