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* New York - School bus drivers may receive more pay 

(Photo: School buses discharge their passengers outside of an elementary school in the New York neighborhood of Chelsea) 
NY,USA -The NY Times, by Tatiana Schlossberg -Aug. 18, 2014: -- Just before school buses begin rolling with students adorned with new backpacks and fresh sets of pencils, Mayor Bill de Blasio and the City Council are hoping to reverse some of the policies that led drivers to strike unsuccessfully 18 months ago... With the mayor’s support, the Council is planning to vote this week to give $42 million to school bus companies to raise the salaries of experienced drivers who were forced to take pay cuts after Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg awarded a series of new bus contracts in the last years of his administration... Those new contracts shaved hundreds of millions of dollars from a $1.1 billion school transportation budget. In part, the savings came from allowing school bus companies to bid without guaranteeing jobs to experienced drivers, as previous contracts had done... 



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