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PUBLIC TRANSPORT BUSES * Brazil: Nossa Senhora de Penha's

* Brazil - Epic bus journey: three days on the road

(Photo: The bus design is inspired of the habit of a 15th century saint) 
Sao Paulo,SP,Brazil -Scania Newsroom -12 August 2014: -- With routes covering over 4,500 kilometres, the Brazilian bus company Nossa Senhora de Penha is investing in the comfort of its passengers...
(Image: Some 4,530 kilometres separate the city of Pelotas in Brazil’s far south from the city of Fortaleza in its north east) 
The bus journey between the two urban centres is one of the world’s longest and requires passengers to spend more than three days on the road... Brazilian coach company Nossa Senhora de Penha sees achieving this goal as an exciting challenge. The company undertakes the journey – the longest in its schedule – once a week. A Scania bus chassis and bodywork by Marcopolo, featuring folding seats that can be converted to beds, ensure total comfort for passengers... Since 2007 Nossa Senhora de Penha has been a part of Golden Group which operates some 11,000 buses. Nossa Senhora de Penha is named after a 15th century saint and the design of its buses is based around her habit...



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