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* Connecticut - Buses in massive bus-only corridor on display

Hartford,CONN,USA -AP/Associated Press/WTNH 8 -August 18, 2014: -- State officials are showing off the buses that will be the central feature of Connecticut’s $567 million bus-only corridor... Local officials will unveil the hybrid diesel-electric buses at a news conference at the Capitol on Monday... Officials also will tour the construction project known as CTfastrak... The state says the Hartford-to-New Britain bus route will cut pollution and traffic jams on Interstate 84 by removing thousands of cars from the highway. Officials are projecting more than 16,000 daily riders by 2030, double the number of bus passengers in the corridor now...

* Connecticut - First look at upcoming CTfastrak buses

(Photo: The CTfastrak branded bus will be making regular promotional appearances at central Connecticut community events) 
Hartford,CT,USA -FX CT, by Samantha Schoenfeld -August 18, 2014: -- The Connecticut Department of Transportation unveiled its new CTfastrak buses today in anticipation of the upcoming launch of the bus service... The fleet was exclusively built for CTfastrak’s upcoming rapid transit system, which has a planned launch early next year. The buses are hybrid diesel-electric, and all of them will have GPS tracking so passengers can see where their bus is, LED lighting, and WiFi... There will be 30-foot buses for neighborhood service, 40-foot buses for connector routes, and, eventually, 60-foot buses for the main line service... 



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