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* Lausanne - We could have electric buses that recharge in 15 seconds

(Video from Youtube, by epflnews -Jun 16, 2014: TOSA is the first full electric articulate bus that runs without overhead lines. With its so called "flash charging", it recharges at the bus stops along the route in a record time of 15 seconds. EPFL researchers have developed a mathematical model to optimized the costs of a prospective bus line using TOSA technology) 
Lausanne,Swiss -Autoblog Green, by Danny King -Aug 18th 2014: ... Switzerland's Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL) is leading of a group of public and private entities that is developing something called the TOSA bus system. TOSA buses get recharged via a robotic arm that connects the roof-mounted bus batteries to an electric charging system mounted on the bus stop. The buses can hold up to 133 people and the "flash charging" provides enough juice in a 15-second charge to get the bus to the next electrified stop without delaying the route. The researchers say such buses could be put into regular service in Geneva by 2017... 

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