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* Philippines - Private buses run riot on the road

Manila,Philippines -The Sunday Times, by Nadia Fazlulhaq -August 17, 2014: -- National Council for Road Safety charges law enforcement officers reluctant to take action against errant drivers and owners of private buses - Private bus operators say lack of discipline due to lack of time tables... Private buses pay little heed to road rules, leading to many accidents, charge state officials, while private bus operators blame state-run transport bodies for the lack of discipline in the service... Twenty two year-old Sadini’s dream of a happy wedded life was cut short last week when just three months into her marriage, a speeding private bus claimed the life of her 23 year-old husband... Shihan Gunetillake, was travelling from his hometown Bentota to his wife’s family home in Panadura when a speeding bus hit his bike in Wadduwa around 5.30 a.m...



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