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* China - 1,100 Ankai Buses shipped to Algeria 

Hefei,Anhui,China -14 July 2014: -- In Jun. This year, Ankia Bus stroke a deal with CIMA MOTORS based in Algeria. According to the sales contract, the bus maker is expected to export 1,100 units of buses to the African nation with a total value of 224 million RMB (about 36 million USD). According to the company, this is also the largest overseas deal made by the company in the early half of 2014...

* China - Ankai School Bus on display at Beijing Traffic Safety Product Exhibition

Hefei,Anhui,China -Chinabuses/Anhui News -20 Aug 2014: -- On Aug. 20, the Sixth China International Road Traffic Safety Product Exhibition kicked off in Beijing International Exhibition Center. Ankai brought its 6-meter school bus, its 12-meter American-style school bus and its Best bus on display, all of which fully represent the company's bus manufacturing strength... As one of the leading bus manufacturers in China, Ankai always attaches great importance to the bus safety. It is among the first batch of enterprises in China as a qualified producer of professional school buses and is able to make the special school buses with long head. In 2012, the company joined hands with US-based Navistar, a well-renowned bus maker for a series of technological cooperation...

* Japan - Showa monocoque buses draw tourists

(Photo: A Shibetsu Kido monocoque bus that attracts antique bus fans) 
Shibetsu, northern Hokkaido,Japan -The Yomiuri Shimbun -23 Aug 2014: -- Rare “monocoque” bus models manufactured during the Showa era (1926-1989) have been drawing attention around the nation... Word about the operation of such buses has spread quickly via the Internet, and antique bus lovers are visiting different areas just to see them in person... After World War II, the monocoque method was used by bus manufacturers who had formerly been in the aviation industry. Many of these buses have a very distinctive look due to the many rivets visible on their surface... Most modern buses use skeleton frames... Shibetsu Kido, a bus company located in
Shibetsu, northern Hokkaido, operates a RC series bus manufactured in 1982 by Hino Motors, making one trip on weekday mornings. The monocoque bus is known for its loud engine noise as well as the visible rivets along the body...

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