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* Connecticut - State purchasing $33M in new CTfastrak Buses. New models offer stop announcements, wi-fi, bike space, easier on and off 

Hartford,CONN,USA -Courant, by Don Stacom -August 22, 2014: -- When the CTfastrak busway starts service early next year, riders shouldn't expect the same experience they have on Connecticut's regular transit buses... Federal and state taxpayers are putting up nearly $33 million for 48 new buses that will have features not found on the CT Transit fleet... Painted in the distinctive lime green and silver-gray color scheme of the busway system, the new hybrid diesel-electric coaches won't be mistaken for the boxier, dark blue-and-silver buses that CT Transit runs on its regular routes... Different manufacturers across the country are producing four sizes of hybrid diesel-electric buses for CTfastrak, with Plattsburgh, N.Y.-based Nova providing the big 60-footers that will be the backbone of the service. Transit operators buy the two-segment, bending buses for heavily traveled routes because they carry more passengers than traditional buses, but have the same staff: a single driver... CTfastrak plans to deploy 12 of Nova's LFX model to shuttle between New Britain and Hartford along the 9.4-mile busway. The Novas cost a little more than $900,000 each, and their frames are roughly similar to the articulated buses that CT Transit introduced in the Hartford region two years ago... The CTfastrak versions will have plenty of extra equipment, though...

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