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BUSES & BIKES * Colombia: For a green life

* How bikes and buses helped Bogotá go green

(Image from REUTERS, by Jose Miguel Gomez: Colombian students ride bicycles during in Bogota) 
Bogota,Colombia -World Economic Forum, by Konrad Otto-Zimmermann -Aug 13 2014: -- In Bogotá, traffic congestion became so severe that a simple commute could take hours and the air was polluted to staggering levels. In response, Bogotá directed its attention towards public transport and worked to improve conditions for cycling... The challenge for Bogotá has been integrating bicycle and bus policies into a wider sustainable urban transport context and ensuring projects have continuity across political terms. Bogotà’s TransMilenio “bus rapid transit” system has gained international recognition as an example of sustainable mobility. Meanwhile, the strengthening of bicycle policy and infrastructure has increased the modal share of cycling, from 0.58% in 1998 to circa 5% in 2010... These projects have inspired confidence in public entities, something that can itself inspire future progress. Today, Bogotá is known for having a widely used transport system that dramatically reduced the number of cars. Not only has it been effective at reducing congestion and pollution (TransMilenio is credited with reducing carbon emissions by more than 1.7 million tons between 2006 and 2009); it was also cost-effective. It’s also a planning model that can be replicated, cheaply, in cities around the world...



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