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BICIS vs. BUSES * UK: ... Houldn't it?

* England - As easy as riding a dike well it should be ... 

(Photo: Six lanes down to five, but a bus lane has gone missing) 
London,EN,UK -As easy as riding a bike -August 8, 2014: -- A hot topic at the moment is potential conflict between London’s bus network, and an expanding cycle network – one suitable for all potential users... It’s becoming a prominent issue, I suspect, because in the places where cycle provision is being installed, or proposed, space is – in some instances – being taken from the bus network. The Superhighway 2 extension along Stratford High Street has taken a lane away, in each direction, from a six lane road. However, that road did, in the recent past, have (intermittent) bus lanes in each direction – bus lanes that aren’t there now... Likewise the new proposals for Superhighway 5 show that the cycle tracks on Vauxhall Bridge will come at the expense of one of the two bus lanes, rather than at the expense of a general traffic lane...



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