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* New York - Nation’s busiest bus terminal is jammed mess 

(Photo by BEBETO MATTHEWS / AP: Passengers head for buses at the dilapidated Port Authority Bus Terminal, which is run down with holes and cracks in the ceiling) NY,USA -Associated Press/The Seattle Times, by Verena Dobnik -July 28, 2014: -- At the nation’s busiest bus station, winding lines of riders wait amid cracked floors, crumbling ceiling tiles and a wheezing air-conditioning system helped along by old-fashioned floor fans... Dark corridors of Manhattan’s aging Port Authority Bus Terminal are populated by homeless men and women, and the sweet smell of warm pretzels from rows of food stalls mixes with an occasional whiff of urine... After a recent test ride from the New Jersey suburbs, the Port Authority’s new chairman, John Degnan, offered a one-word review: “Unacceptable” ... Commissioners this past week approved an extra $90 million for an improvement plan that will include fixes to floors and ceilings, better cellphone service, cleaner restrooms and more street-level bus gates... At the same time, the Port Authority is dealing with multiple investigations, including one into allegations that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and authority commissioners diverted $1.8 billion in agency money to non-agency projects. Christie and the other officials deny the accusations... Those pressures could mean more of the same for the 220,000 daily bus riders — both commuters from New Jersey and travelers from elsewhere — who use the terminal filled with stores and food outlets that covers two midtown Manhattan blocks from 40th to 42nd streets near Times Square... Among riders’ biggest complaints are service delays caused by a shortage of gates. Each afternoon, overflow buses that don’t fit into the terminal idle on surrounding avenues as far as six blocks away...



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