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* Louisiana - School bus law could add costs, time

(Photo: Monroe City school buses) 
Monroe,LOU,USA -Daily World News -Jul. 7, 2014: -- Officials are warning that a new state law could cause a big increase in school bus costs and travel times across Louisiana... . The law, which takes effect in August, prohibits bus drivers from picking up or dropping off students in locations where they would have to cross traffic lanes... Some districts estimate it will cause their buses to drive nearly twice the distance as before the law... Rep. Rob Shadoin, a Ruston Republican, says the law was meant to address problems in urban areas such as New Orleans and Baton Rouge, but is having unintended effects on school districts across the state... Union Parish transportation supervisor Lyn Kenley says the law could hurt that parish’s efforts to reduce bus travel times and could force school buses to drive nearly 1.5 million miles, twice the distance they traveled in the last school year...

* Pennsylvania - New Law extends allowable length of school buses

Harrisburg,PENN,USA -STN On Line, by Michelle Fisher -8 July 2014: -- Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett signed a law Senate, which amends Title 75 (Vehicles) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes to permit school buses to be 45 feet in length. Sen. Elder Vogel said he introduced the legislation to give school districts and school bus contractors the option to choose the most appropriate school buses based on their needs... Current state law "arbitrarily" limits school buses to 40 feet in length, Vogel noted, even though other types of non-school buses are legal in lengths up to 45 feet. Further, Pennsylvania is only one of five states that restrict the length of a school bus to 40 feet...



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