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* Nevada - Buses’ wheels go round and round

(Jason Bean/Las Vegas Review-Journal: Commuting on an RTC Transit bus in Las Vegas on Wednesday, July 16, 2014) 
Las Vegas NV,USA -Las Vegas Review-Journal, by y MICHAEL LYLE -July 26, 2014: -- From a few blocks away, riders see Transit Bus 108 coming around the corner on Swenson Street causing them to gather their belongings and stand in anticipation of escaping the 100-plus degree heat... “I thank the dear Lord I’m not walking in this heat,” says one passenger... The doors open... It’s time to ride.... In 2013, an estimated 60 million people traveled on the bus system through the Regional Transportation Commission — it’s the nation’s 17th busiest transit system... Fares range from $2 for a single ride to a 30-day pass at $65, but the stories people might hear from traveling on a Las Vegas bus can be priceless... Whether it’s adding signs and advertisements or adjusting issues on the bus, RTC Assistant General Manager, MJ Maynard, says, the RTC relies on its customers’ feedback... “Three years ago, we decided to take our public feedback to a new level,” Maynard says... Instead of assuming what the customers want, they decided to interact directly with people... “We do a formal survey every year,” she says. “If we make a change, we also try to go out and get people’s opinions by doing informal surveys. We have become more efficient from our feedback” ...

* Massachusets - Bridj brings Uber model to Boston buses

Boston, MASS,USA -The Boston Herald, by Jack Encarnacao -July 28, 2014: -- A new “pop-up” bus service called Bridj is applying for the same license every other Boston bus company holds, while maintaining it doesn’t need one to legally operate — a departure from the regulation-shunning approaches of transportation services like Uber and Haystack... Backed by $3 million in venture capital, Bridj creates temporary bus routes based on an analysis of demand, and partners with licensed coach bus vendors for pickups. Bridj began charging for its service last week after a six-week pilot run and receiving a state Department of Public Utilities charter, CEO Matthew George said... George said Cambridge-based Bridj has only applied for a “jitney license” — basically a permit to transport large groups of people — at the request of Boston officials, including Mayor Martin J. Walsh... According to Bridj’s license application, routes launch from Centre Street in Brookline and unload at 640 Boylston St., 100 Federal St. and 347 Congress St., and 250 Kendall St. in Cambridge. Rates ranges from $1.50 to $10 based on length of trip and time of departure, with capacity for 15 to 54 passengers...

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