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* Bus Rapid Transit - Fast buses mean business

(Photo by John Greenfield)
NY,USA -Crains New York, by BILL LIPTON and JEN HENSLEY -June 27, 2014: -- To connect thousands of New Yorkers to jobs in remote corners of the city, bus-rapid-transit with dedicated traffic lanes and platform-level boarding for riders to speed the trip, is the answer... 900,000 city residents commute more than an hour each way to work, mostly to jobs that pay less than $35,000 per year. Inaccessible subway stations and long, unreliable bus trips are facts of life in many areas... Simply put, New Yorkers deserve more from their mass transit system... The good news is that we have the building blocks to give it to them. On seven corridors across the city, select bus service (SBS) has been implemented by the city Department of Transportation and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. This service has reduced travel times and increased bus ridership. Along these corridors, SBS makes sense... However, the ideal solution to expand and modernize public transportation in outer-borough communities with limited subway access is bus rapid transit. BRT is a high-performance system that delivers the permanence, speed, and reliability of rail, along with the flexibility of bus systems, for a fraction of the cost... Like SBS, BRT includes traffic-signal priority and in-station kiosks that let riders pay fares prior to boarding. Full-featured BRT also has dedicated lanes and platform level-boarding for riders in wheelchairs or with strollers. These features allow the system to achieve even greater reliability and significantly shorten commutes...



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