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* California - Google placates the public with their own luxury buses

Mountain View,CAL,USA -Valley Wag, by Kevin Montgomery -18 July 2014: -- Google's glistening fleet of employee coaches will soon be tainted by the presence of Everyman. In an effort to get ahead of concerns that the search giant is growing too quickly for Mountain View, Google is funding a free shuttle network to appease their detractors... The network, which will operate around Mountain View and be available for anyone to use, aims to assuage fears that Google's corporate expansions will create traffic gridlock. According to the Silicon Valley Business Journal, the program hopes to reduce the number of crosstown trips residents make in private vehicles...

* North Caroline - Gastonia buses: Lifeline or sinking ship?

Gastonia,NC,USA -Gaston Gazette, by Michael Barrett -July 19, 2014: -- Allen Petty makes a mental note every time he drives past a Gastonia bus stop where no one is waiting... The local resident does the same thing when he spots a city bus that appears to have few or no passengers. Petty maintains he see both scenarios quite often... He believes Gastonia Transit is inflating its figures on ridership and ticket revenue, possibly to get more money from the state and federal government... Like many critics of the transit system, he doesn’t think the buses should be scrapped. He simply believes Gastonia could do it more efficiently than relying on 35-foot buses that run six citywide routes on five to six days of the week...



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