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INFRASTRUCTURES * UK: 'Swings at bus stops'

* England - Think tank calls for 'swings at bus stops' for older people

(Photo: A bus providing accessibility for wheelchair users)
London,EN,UK -Home Care, by Nina Hathway -3 July 2014: -- Local and national policy-makers are failing to ensure that our communities meet the needs of all ages according to a new report that strongly recommends that local authorities should encourage a sense of fun for all ages - such as swings at bus stops – as well as spur older people on to take more exercise... The report ‘Community Matters. Making our Communities Ready for Ageing’, published by think tank International Longevity Centre – UK (ILC-UK), with the support of leading charity Age UK incorporates a ten-point call to action for local authorities to become ready for ageing... Read the full report on the ILC website ...



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