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ELECTRIC BUSMAKERS NEWS * USA & Canada: Proterra's - New Flyer's

* Utah/USA - UTA examining electric bus that recharges in 10 minutes. It is more expensive but has zero emissions

(Photo: A Proterra's electric bus maker) 
Salt Lake,UTH,USA -The Salt Lake Tribune, by Lee Davidson -Jul 28 2014: -- The Utah Transit Authority took a close look Monday at a possible way to help clean Wasatch Front air: a zero-emissions electric bus with fast-charging technology that can operate 24/7 without conventional refueling... Proterra brought its new second-generation electric bus for inspection by officials of UTA, Park City Transit and the media. UTA says while it is examining the bus for possible future use, it has not made any purchase commitments...

* British Columbia/Canada - Ballard Power secured a contract to supply New Flyer for fuel cell buses

(Photo: A zero emission fuel cell bus) Burnaby,BC,Canada -US Finance Post, by Asif Imtiaz -July 28, 2014: -- Ballard Power Systems Inc., announced last week that it has secured a deal with New Flyer Industries Inc., to supply power modules for new buses that will run on fuel cells. Ballard Power is one of the prominent U.S.-based companies involved in the design, development, manufacture, sale, and service of fuel cell products for a variety of applications. On the other hand, New Flyer is the company behind heavy duty transit buses... Ballard Power is scheduled to deliver the modules by the end of 2014, and the buses are likely to hit the road in early next year. These buses are about to be run under the new U.S. Federal Transit Authority National Fuel Cell Bus Program initiative...



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