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* Kansas - Proterra EV buses 2nd. generation

(Photo: A Proterra bus second generation) 
Kansas,KS,USA -GreenCarCongress -15 July 2014: -- Proterra Inc. announced the first sale of its second-generation battery-electric bus to Foothill Transit of West Covina, Calif. Foothill Transit became Proterra’s first customer and the first agency in the US to operate EV buses in revenue service in 2010... Based on the sustainability, fuel savings and proven performance of those buses, Foothill Transit has agreed to purchase two more buses from Proterra, moving the agency closer to its goal of expanding electric bus service into other lines... The 40-foot bus features a 220 kW peak permanent magnet drive motor and a Proterra 2-speed auto-shift EV transmission, powered by and advanced LTO fast-charge energy storage system...

* South Caroline - Seneca electric bus fleet finally preparing for rollout

(Picture by NATHAN GRAY) 
Seneca,Oconne,SC,USA -The Independent Anderson, by Ray Chandler -18 July 2014: -- The first planned rollout of Seneca’s all-electric bus fleet at the first of the year turned into a case of “now you see’em, now you don’t” ...



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