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CRACK DOWN BUSES * USA: 'Jersey Jitney' Buses

* New York - 'Jersey Jitney' Buses getting shut down, ticketed by NYPD

(Photo from DNAinfo, by Mathew Katz - Aberto Sherwood stands outside of a Sphinx Jersey Jitney)
NY,USA -DNA Info NY, by Mathew Katz -July 24, 2014: -- The city is targeting cheap, unpermitted shuttle buses that ferry passengers between Midtown and New Jersey, according to officials and passengers... The so-called "Jersey Jitneys" are made up of a patchwork of different bus companies that pick up passengers along West 42nd Street, across from the Port Authority Bus Terminal, and take them through the Lincoln Tunnel for as little as $3 a ride... According to passengers and workers for the jitneys, the NYPD has begun to crack down on the companies, either by fining them or simply telling them they can't pick up customers on West 42nd Street... A police source confirmed officers were enforcing DOT intercity bus rules on the block...



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