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* England - Bus and coach makers overtake truck manufacturers in green challenge 

London,EN,UK -Transport Engineer, by Laura Cork -15 July 2014: -- The UK's road transport sector is making inroads to a greener future, driven by consistently applied carbon reduction policy – but truck makers need to do more to catch up with bus and coach manufacturers... That's one of the key findings of a report, published today (15 July 2014) by the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership (LowCVP)... It found that while policy changes have helped car manufacturers and produced a healthy bus and coach sector – nine manufacturers produced 3,685 units last year – the truck sector has been neglected... Andy Eastlake, managing director at LowCVP, welcomed the report, saying the emphasis of policy makers on environmental achievements has been successful... However, he cautioned: "We urgently need to repeat the success seen in our passenger car and bus sectors in all aspects of road transport such as the truck and commercial vehicle industries" ...



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