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BUS SALES * USA: Blue Bird's

* Virginia - City getting 78 new school buses

Richmond,VA,USA -The Richmnd Times Dispatch, by ZACHARY REID -17 July 2014: -- Richmond Public Schools is going to replace more than a third of its school buses, beginning the modernization of a fleet that in recent years has grown old, unreliable and expensive to maintain... The School Board this week approved a seven-year, $7 million plan to buy 60 regular education and 18 special education buses from Blue Bird... The new 77-seat regular education buses cost $82,425 each. The 53-seat special education buses cost $89,517 each... The buses are equipped with four camera slots. Three will be used to record the driver and students. A fourth, on the exterior arm, will be vacant for the time being, but school officials are negotiating with a company that specializes in recording the license plates of cars who ignore the blinking stop signs already attached to the busses...



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