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* Michigan - Silver Line buses, Grand Rapids' newest, high-tech transportation fleet

(Photo by Emily Rose Bennett | Grand Rapids' bus service, The Rapid, will be offering a Silver Line route beginning in August) 
Grand Rapids,MICH,USA, by Andrew Krietz -July 23, 2014: -- Come August, city streets will sport buses noticeably different than those on The Rapid's core routes... Green and silver buses, splashed with varying hues of both colors, will go into operation Aug. 25 when The Rapid establishes its new Silver Line route. The fleet clearly is distinct from the bus system's standard vehicles as it serves a separate — yet complementary — purpose: moving people across the metropolitan area, officials say... The Silver Line fleet is an operation of 10 hybrid electric buses designed for the route it serves in addition to 34 stations, said Peter Varga, CEO of The Rapid. Branding initiatives — including colors, logos and station design — launched from the beginning to qualify as a bus rapid transit (BRT) system needing grant funding from federal sources... What transpired was these special buses designed to cut 40 percent off the typical commute time along a 9.6-mile route from downtown Grand Rapids south to Wyoming and Kentwood, Varga said...

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