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BUS FIRES * Australia: ... Because new regulations

* Queensland - The school bus that burst into flames, it could happen again because of new regulations to cut emissions

(Photo: The bus exploded into flames on a Queensland highway moments after 61 students and three teachers escaped) 
Brisbane,QLD,Australia -AUSTRALIAN ASSOCIATED PRESS/Daily Mail, by SALLY LEE -24 July 2014: -- Paul West, of West National Coaches, says there had been a rise in the number of bus fires in not only Australia but also around the world. He believes such incidents could be the ramifications of a new environmental rule which forced engine manufacturers to reduce emissions... "Because of the change, there is an enormous amount of pressure put on diesel", Mr West told The Queensland Times. "Aviation fuel normally can't burn, but under pressures it burns beyond belief" ... Michael Apps, executive director of Bus Industry Confederation, agreed with Mr West's comments. He says there's no doubt that newer low emission vehicles operate on higher temperatures. Consequently this increases the risk of the vehicle to catch fire after there has been leaking fluid such as coolant, he said...



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