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* New Jersey - NJ Transit buys new 63 new buses

(Photo: Staff Photo Larry Higgs - New commuter buses ordered Wednesday by NJ Transit will be similar to this NJ Transit bus stopping on Route 9. The new buses fueled by compressed natural gas will run on the busy Route 9 corridor and be based out of Howell garage) Newark,NJ,USA -APP, by Larry Higgs -June 15, 2014: -- Commuters who travel on NJ Transit’s busiest commuter corridor on Route 9 will be riding in new buses after the agencies board approved spending $41 million Wednesday to buy 63 new “cruiser” buses fueled by compressed natural gas... The 63 buses, to be built by Motor Coach Industries would replace the current fleet of 14-year-old buses fueled by compressed natural gas which are now in service. NJ Transit approved the purchase of 84 similar buses last September for $57.1 million... The new buses have 57 seats, more than the 45 seats in some of the existing buses and the 84 buses ordered last fall. Joseph Clift, a former Long Island Railroad planning director and transit advocate asked whether an analysis of future ridership prompted that decision...



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