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* ACT / Australia - Ticket inspectors to board Canberra's buses and be at bus stops

(Photo: Inspectors will be more regularly checking MyWay cards on ACTION buses and at bus stops) 
Canberra,ACT,Australia -The Age, by Tom McIlroy -16 June 2014: -- Passengers who don't pay the correct fare on Canberra's ACTION Bus network face the prospect of fines from new ticket inspections... From June 23, inspectors will check ticket receipts and MyWay cards on board buses and at stops as the ACT Government moves to drive down fare evasion and protect network revenue... They will also check that passengers purchasing concession tickets have evidence of their entitlement to the reduced fare... A Territory and Municipal Services spokeswoman said while inspectors had patrolled Canberra buses in the past, their presence would be more regular as part of the anti-fare evasion program...

* Singapore - Bus reliability study: Early signs ‘encouraging’, says LTA

(Photo: SMRT Buses in Singapore) 
Singapore -Channel News Asia, by Saifulbahri Ismail -16 Jun 2014: -- Another seven bus services will join the two-year trial, bringing the total number of participating bus services to 22... A two-year scheme to improve bus reliability has seen “encouraging” results in the first three months since its launch, with fewer instances of prolonged waiting times and "bus bunching" - having multiple buses arriving at the same time - the Land Transport Authority (LTA) said on Monday (June 16)... The Bus Service Reliability Framework, launched in February, assesses the regularity of a bus service using the concept of Excess Wait Time (EWT) – the difference between actual and scheduled wait times... The trial was started with seven SMRT buses, with four trunk bus services seeing improvements in their EWT compared to the 2013 baseline score, LTA said. The performance of the three feeder bus services in the trial were mixed...



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