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* Qatar / UAE - AC buses a ‘dream’ for construction workers

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Doha,Quatar/UAE -The Gulf Times, by Ramesh Mathew -9 June 2014: -- Yet another summer has arrived, but there is little respite in sight for a majority of construction workers who continue to sweat it out in buses without air conditioners... Around three years ago, it was announced that airconditioned buses would be introduced to transport construction workers between their accommodation and worksite. However, there has been no sign of such “labour-friendly” buses hitting the roads in large numbers until now... Only a fraction of construction companies uses air-conditioned buses to ferry their workers during the summer, it is learnt... A senior contracts manager of a major construction firm said the labour department - as part of the new reforms it is initiating - could consider making it mandatory for contractors to use only airconditioned buses for their labourers. “If such a law comes into effect, employers will deploy AC buses for their workers in no time” ...



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