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Stockholm - Electric hybrid buses with quick-charge facility demonstrated in 

Stockholm,Sweden -Corporate Vattenhall -25 June 2014: -- Volvo, Vattenfall and SL in cooperation for tomorrow's public transport... Stockholm is set to demonstrate and evaluate how buses with electric power can contribute to better living conditions. This is part of ZeEUS, an EU project being conducted in six European countries. Starting this autumn, eight Volvo electric hybrid buses will enter regular operations in the city. The technology these buses use will offer significantly reduced energy consumption, lower exhaust emissions and less noise. Behind the demo project, which is co-financed by the EU, are Volvo Buses, SL (Stockholm Public Transport) and energy provider Vattenfall... As of this autumn and for two years ahead, eight Volvo electric hybrid buses will be put into regular operations on SL's Route 73, which goes through the heart of central Stockholm...



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