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* Indiana - FWCS gets state grant to slash bus emissions

(Photo by Samuel Hoffman/The Journal Gazette: Clarence Erickson of Hug Filtersystems explains the diesel particulate filters that Fort Wayne Community Schools will install on its buses)
Fort Wayne,IND,USA -Fort Wayne, by Julie Crothers -18 June 2014: -- A more than $314,000 state grant will help reduce pollutants emitted from Fort Wayne Community Schools buses, school officials said Tuesday. FWCS received a grant from the Indiana Department of Environmental Management to pay for the installation of diesel particulate filters on two dozen 82-passenger buses. The grant will also cover the cost of the equipment to clean and maintain the filters...  The Hug Filtersystems filters are designed to remove diesel particulate matter, also called soot, at an efficiency rate of 85 percent to 99 percent... The filters work by burning the accumulating soot continuously keeping them clean will also save money long-term...



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