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* Missouri - Rehabbed 60-foot buses debut on Grand next week

(Photo by Laurie Skrivan: The public used a paint-by-numbers approach to paint the mural designed by the Firecracker Press on the first articulated MetroBus on Saturday, May 31, 2014, in the South Grand Parking lot) 
St. Louis,MISSO,USA -St. Louis Post Dispatch, by Ken Leiser -4 June 2014: -- Metro will deploy seven 60-foot buses on the busy Grand line starting Monday - a move aimed at reducing overcrowding on the transit agency's busiest bus line... The new buses were put on display near the Grand MetroLink station this morning during a ceremony featuring top Metro brass, St. Louis Mayor, Francis Slay, and St. Louis County Executive, Charlie Dooley... Slay stressed that transit represents a link to jobs, neighborhoods and entertainment events... Seven will go into service on the 70 Grand line on Monday. By the end of the year, 15 will be ready for use...



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