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PUBLIC TRANSPORT * India - Delhi´s BRT system

* Delhi - A rough road for Bus Rapid Transit systems

(Photo by Manan Vatsyayana/AFP/Getty Images: City buses in New Delhi stuck in a traffic jam in a bus rapid transit (BRT) corridor) 
New Delhi,Delhi,India -e360 Yale, by MIKE IVES -8 May 2014:  -- High-speed bus systems in crowded urban areas but the teeming Indian capital of New Delhi has proven to be a vexing challenge... Higher-speed buses did not look noticeably different from regular ones and, after taking on more riders, several types of buses entered a designated mass-transit lane — and then promptly shared it with cars, motorcycles, and a screaming ambulance... New Delhi’s “Bus rapid transit,” or BRT system, it´s an initiative designed to help ease traffic congestion, encourage use of public transportation, and reduce air pollution in this congested capital city of 13.8 million... But Delhi’s six-year-old BRT project has run into numerous snags, including the incursion of cars and other vehicles into the BRT lanes — a development that can defeat the purpose of a system designed to be faster than general traffic. City officials once hoped to create 14 additional BRT corridors, but the system has not expanded beyond its inaugural 3.6-mile stretch... The government has funded $4 billion worth of urban transport projects since 2006 — including roughly $840 million for BRT systems — and more funding is in the pipeline... 



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