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BUSMAKERS NEWS * Sweden: Volvo´s

* Three electric Volvo´s Hybrid Buses to be delivered to Hamburger Hochbahn AG

(Photo: Volvo plug-in hybrid bus that will soon get an all-electric brother) 
Stockholm,Sweden -BUSINESS WIRE/Volvo Bus Corporation, by Helena Lind -May 27, 2014: -- An agreement has been signed on the delivery of three Volvo Electric hybrids to Hamburger Hochbahn AG. The plug-in technology enables fuel consumption and CO2 emissions to be reduced by up to 75% and total energy consumption to be reduced by 60%. The electric hybrids will enter into traffic in Hamburg towards the end of the year... Hamburger Hochbahn AG has now entered into a development partnership with Volvo Bus Corporation for electric hybrid buses, and will operate three vehicles on regular service routes in the hanseatic city from the end of the year... The new buses are diesel-electric hybrid buses that can travel up to 10 km using only electricity. The plug-in technology enables the reduction of fuel consumption and carbon dioxide by up to 75%, compared with current diesel buses. Charging stations at the respective termini of the routes provide for the necessary recharging. The required infrastructure at the termini will be developed and realised by Siemens, technical partner in the project...



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