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* Thailand - Bus operators are risking the lives of passengers 

(Photo: Double-decker bus crash in Phuket) 
Bangkok,Thailand -The Bangkok Post -23April 2014: -- Many people traveling during these long break holiday days, resulting in an increase in road accidents. This is why the New Year and Songkran holidays are dubbed the "seven dangerous days". Songkran this year resulted in a staggering number of road-related accidents, 366 deaths and 3,345... Another alarming road accident statistic involves public buses. In the six months from October last year to April this year, there were 97 deaths from four major accidents involving double-decker buses. Several factors caused these bus accidents, such as inexperienced drivers or drivers under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and poorly maintained roads and bad weather. Another important factor is the road worthiness of the vehicle. The recent accidents damaged the public's confidence in bus transport, especially double-deckers... 



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