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* USA - PASSENGERS TRANSPORT - Chinatown Buses Beware:

* New York - Feds launch surprise 'strike force' inspections

(Image from Flickr/Elvert Barnes - Chinatown buses NY)
NY,USA -The Atlantic Cities, by EMILY BADGER -Aug 30, 2013: -- Chinatown buses are known for a lot of things – their bare-bones service, their close quarters, their appeal for anyone who doesn't possess Amtrak-caliber cash. They are not, on the other hand, known for their regulatory rigor... If you board one in the next two weeks, though, you may be in for some serious transportation-safety theater. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration announced this week that it's rolling out a "strike force" of surprise inspections on intercity bus travel in all 50 states (with emphasis on what they suspect are the shadier operations)...  Law enforcement officers and commercial motor vehicle inspectors will be popping up, unannounced, at terminals and drop-off points to board buses and pick over everything from windshield wiper fluid to tire pressure... Vehicles caught violating safety standards, warns FMCSA head Anne Ferro, "will be put out-of-service on the spot and not allowed to continue" ...

* Michigan - Detroit Bus Co. finds mass transit niche

(Photo: A Detroit Bus Co's vehicle) 
Detroit,MICH,USA -The Miami Herald/The Detroit News, by DONNA TEREK -1 Sept 2013: -- Can a bus company that owns only six buses make a significant difference in Detroit?... In early 2012, when Detroit's dysfunctional bus system was all over the news, Andy Didorosi founded the Detroit Bus Co. with three buses and the hope he could do something to help our carless citizens who wait in frustration for buses that can be hours late and sometimes don't come at all... He got lots of press and even a citation from Detroit City Council for stepping in to help. At the time Didorosi had ambitious plans to build customized routes to get riders to work and back. But with a mere three buses, even Didorosi admits that he was hardly going to change the face of public transportation in Detroit. But, as he says, "You gotta start somewhere" ... The Detroit Bus Co. is building a program to pick up kids at "safe spots" and drive them to summer and after-school programs and bring them safely home..... With the flexible, neighborhood routing system the Detroit Bus Co. got by with two buses that moved roughly 500 kids among 25 programs this summer in Southwest Detroit and the Chadsey-Condon neighborhoods...



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