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* USA - SCHOOL BUS SERVICES: Are they as safe as we think they are?

* Oregon - Maybe not as safe as you think

Portland.ORE,USA -KATU News, by Anna Canzano -Aug 19, 2013: -- How safe will your children be when they step on a school bus in a few weeks? ... A far-reaching search of public documents, and interviews with current and former officials involved in school bus safety in Oregon, reveal everything from buses that are in bad condition to falsified inspection records... Ultimately, it is the certified inspectors from the school district and state who are responsible for keeping buses safe. It's a system that has only been in place since 2007... The On Your Side Investigators requested three years worth of school bus inspections from our largest local districts. The documents reveal problems ranging from expired fire extinguishers and loose seats to exhaust systems that were starting to rot... In nearly every school district that inspectors visited in the past three years, they found buses in such bad shape that the vehicles are immediately taken out of service - 19 in Portland, 12 in Canby, 11 in Gresham and 9 in Tigard-Tualatin (just to name a few)... Rob Saxton, Oregon's deputy superintendent of public instruction, repeatedly insisted that the state has a history of success in keeping kids safe and making sure the 3,700 school buses on the roads are working the way they are intended... In comparison, Washington state takes a very different approach. The Washington State Patrol inspects every school bus ever year, with additional surprise inspections on 25 percent of the fleet...

* Utah - After beating caught on tape, school district adds cameras to buses to help stop bullying

(Photo, by Mark Johnston/Daily Herald: Alpine School District bus cameras) 
Alpine,UTH,USA -The Daily Herald, by Barbara Christiansen -August 20, 2013: -- Students who are bullying may not be able to hide behind their peers' reticence from snitching this year, as the Alpine School District adds video cameras to its buses... Nearly 21,000 students ride about 19,000 miles a day in the state's largest district, and that's just to and from school. It doesn't count field trips and extracurricular activities. District officials have purchased camera systems to use in the buses, with a plan to eventually equip its fleet of almost 300 buses... ASD is spending $93,800 for 48 school bus video systems from Gatekeeper Systems, Inc.... District spokesman John Patten said the district had a pilot program with the cameras and determined they were helpful...

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