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* Australia - Bus fires threaten CNG bus fleet in Perth 

(Picture by Damien Kelly/Twitter - The Transperth bus bursts into flames on around 6.20am) 
Perth,WA,Australia -Busworld (Belgium) -31 March 2013: -- The Australian city of Perth may have its fleet of gas-fuelled buses to be taken off the road if unexplained fires continue to threaten safety. The warning from the Public Transport Authority comes after a Mercedes-Benz bus caught fire and was badly damaged as it was about to be refuelled at the Welshpool depot on Sunday night... The bus is one of more than 500 in the Transperth fleet fuelled by compressed natural gas. It was the third major fire on a gas-fuelled bus in the past four months - with a total damage bill of about $1.5 million - and one of at least 14 fires in the past five years, according to an article in a local newspaper... The PTA will increase the number of nozzles, from seven to eleven, that dispense the fire suppression fog...

* Mexico - CNG bus fleet and filling station for Mexican state of Jalisco 

(Picture: New CNG buses) 
Guadalajara,Jalisco,MEX -Busworld (Belgium) -20 April 2013: -- The Mexican State of Jalisco recently opened a new Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) filling station, to service the State’s first fleet of CNG buses. The vehicles acquired are fifty Dina-manufactured model Linner G public transport units, which began operations between El Salto and Guadalajara. The local government claims the buses will reduce air pollution by 90% and save 50% of the cost of fuel, in comparison with diesel-engined buses. Purchased by Autotransportes Guadalajara El Salto, the Dina buses are powered by Cummins Westport ISL G engines with a power of 250 HP at 2200 revs. Each bus has four Type III carbon fiber-on-aluminum compressed natural gas fuel cylinders from Luxfer. The range per filling is a reported 900 kilometers, or 560 miles...



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