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* China - Electric vehicle consortium signs bus agreements eith Poland

Warsaw,Poland -Busworld (Belgium) -28 Feb 2013: -- A Chinese electric vehicle consortium led by the Beijing Institute of Technology has signed agreements to help develop an electric bus network in Poland. According to the agreements signed with Warsaw University of Technology and Tauron Polska Energia SA - the largest Polish electric power company - the Chinese side and Tauron will establish an electric vehicle public transportation system in Poland in the first phase... Six electric buses with a platform developed by Beijing Institute of Technology, including a power battery swapping system, a battery charging and discharging station, and an emergency service system, will be made for the two-year trial project in Poland... Six charging and swapping stations will later be set up in five Polish cities, with 780 purely electric buses in operation... As one of the earliest research units to develop a commercial purely electric vehicle power system platform, BIT has cooperated with more than 10 Chinese automobile companies and on the operation of electric buses at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Shanghai Expo, Guangzhou Asian Games, and the Chinese government's 10-city 1,000-electric vehicle program...

* China - Hight costs threaten Beijing's E-bus Line

Beijing,China -Busworld (Belgium) -1 March 2013: -- In China’s plan to promote sustainable mobility, electrifying city buses is a priority... Beijing first deployed all-electric buses powered by on-board batteries in 2001... Charging facilities were built at the Beitucheng station, close to the park, which remains to this day the only place in the city where e-buses can get replenished. Of the 50 buses, built by Jinghua Bus with e-drive systems supplied by China Southern Rail (CSR), over a dozen had retired by mid-2011. The remaining fleet was transferred to Line 90, which has a loop of 31km and runs through the Tiananmen Square. Beijing’s plan to revive and expand the fleet by adding 50 more e-buses, built by Foton this time, has so far failed largely because there is no money or place to build new charging stations...

* Iran - Builds Middle East first hybrid electric bus

Tehran,Iran -Busworld -11 March 2013: -- The Middle East's first hybrid electric bus was built jointly by Iran's Isfahan University of Technology and Tehran University... Mohsen Esfahanian, the project's manager, said that the bus's power consumption is 30 per cent less than regular buses... It also pollutes the air 50 percent less than the other buses, he added... A hybrid electric bus combines a conventional internal combustion engine propulsion system with an electric propulsion system... These types of buses normally use a Diesel-electric powertrain and are also known as hybrid Diesel-electric buses... The introduction of hybrid electric vehicles and other green vehicles for purposes of public transport forms a part of sustainable transport schemes...



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