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Upstairs or downstairs ? Psychological Analysis * UK

* Where you sit on a bus reveals your personality

London,EN,UK -The Daily Mail -5 January 2009: -- You may think it's just part of the daily routine but where you sit on a bus can reveal what kind of person you are, according to a leading psychologist... Dr Tom Fawcett studied passengers on an hour-long double-decker bus route that links Bolton with Manchester and noticed that where people chose to sit exposed how they reacted to situations, what sort of temperament they had and even what their interests might be... He concluded that those who sat at the front were forward-thinkers, people who chose the middle seats were independent-minded, while the back seats were occupied by rebellious passengers who didn't like their personal space being invaded...



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It's true that where we sit in bus reveals our personality. Impressive post!

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