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* Brazil - Marcopolo buys New Flyer shares

Caxias do Sul,Rio Grande do Sul,Brazil -Busworld (Belgium) -31 Jan 2013: -- Brazilian bus body builder Marcopolo announced that it has purchased a 19.99% share of Canada’s New Flyer for approximately $116 million. As part of the deal, Marcopolo will acquire 11,087,834 common shares to be issued by New Flyer Industries Inc.... New Flyer, based in Winnipeg, is a manufacturer of urban buses in Canada and in the United States that had net revenues of $926 million and produced 1800 units in 2011... The idea is to introduce Marcopolo technology and products into the Canadian and American markets through New Flyer, as well as introduce New Flyer branded technology and products into other markets...

* Sweden - Elimination of positions for, at Scania

(Photo: Southern Chile roadway)
Södertälje,Sweden -Autocar Bus and Infos -30 Jan 2013: -- Faced with poor figures of the European market PL,  Scania today announced a reduction of its activity in Europe... "Given the weak demand in Europe and the Middle East, production will be reduced by about 15% in Europe in the early first quarter of 2013 compared to the first quarter of 2012. This decision pourait result in the elimination of 700 positions", said the statement from the manufacturer...  Commands and PL bus from the Swedish nevertheless increased by 24% during the year 2012, driven by the dynamic South American market...

* China - BYD receives EC whole vehicle type approval for its pure electric bus

(Photo: All Aluminium elecdtric bus from BYD, China) 
Shenzhen,Guangdong,China -Busworld (Belgium) -13 Jan 2013: -- BYD announced that its pure electric bus has received the EU’s Whole Vehicle Type Approval, WVTA for short, allowing it to sell its electric buses in all EU member states without the need for individual national approval... The WVTA is a compulsory certificate which has to be obtained before vehicles or components of the same type can be approved for sale within EU countries. The WVTA encompasses 25 tests (excluding components tests) and sets high standards for vehicle and safety performance. In order to achieve this standard a bus must conform to a host of stringent European directives... BYD has been targeting sales in Europe of its pure electric bus, the first 12 metre fully electric bus on the market, and has gained orders in a number of countries including China, Netherlands, Finland, Denmark, Israel, Uruguay, Canada and the United States... In addition, BYD has recently announced that it is to set up a Joint Venture to manufacture electric buses in Bulgaria...

* Hungary - Volvo Bus and Raba sign memorandum of understanding

(Photo: Volvo City bus of BKV, in Budapest) 
Budapest,Hungary -Busworld (Belgium) -29 Jan 2013: -- Volvo Bus and Hungarian vehicle and component manufacturer Raba, recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), in which they agree to examine the possibilities of extending their cooperation to the Hungarian bus market... The public transport vehicles would be manufactured for Raba's home market... According to the agreement, Hungarian local content built in the vehicles would finally reach 30%. The industrial partnership would involve a wide use of Raba’s main components, as well as products from other Hungarian suppliers. These parts will be introduced into Volvo’s global purchasing system...

     * Sweden - Volvo launches first hybrid bus in Asia-Pacific

(Photo: The new Volvo B5R Hybrid bus at the Volvo dealership in Guildford, Perth)
Stockholm,Sweden -Busworld (Belgium) -23 Jan 2013: ... The bus will begin operations in March in Perth’s free inner city CAT* service run by the Public Transport Authority of Western Australia...  The Volvo B5R is assembled with a locally designed and built Volgren body following the same chassis and body approach of Volvo’s city chassis... The fully integrated parallel hybrid system used in the Volvo B5R allows the vehicle to operate on either electric only, diesel only or a combination of both depending on conditions and energy requirements... The electric motor acts both as a motor and a generator that recharges the battery when braking. At higher speeds the diesel engine and electric motor work together to power the bus along, while at lower speeds power can be electric only. Zero emissions are reached, when the diesel engine shuts off at lower speeds or during idling at a red light or bus stop...

 * UK - The British test the anti-metro attacks

Newcatle,UK -Autocar and Bus Infos (France) -25 Jan 2013: -- Rail research center at the University of Newcatle in Britain think I found the solution for anti-subway bombings. Not that he can thwart the attacks, but he is able to make a bomb does not kill in case of explosion. For his test, the university has placed explosives in different types of subway cars with a new project to absorb shocks. After explosion, it turns out that some panels and passenger windows are virtually in place compared to current cars rolling equipment in Britain, which could be fewer victims...

* USA - Thor purchases Federal Coach assets

Imlay City, Michigan,USA -Busworld (Belgium) -24 Jan 2013: -- Thor Industries Inc. announced its Champion Bus Inc. subsidiary purchased the bus operation assets of Federal Coach for $6.8 million in cash... The addition of the Federal Coach line offers Thor’s Bus Group both potential operating synergies and access to important markets within the industry... Federal Coach produces a full-line of shuttle, executive and limousine buses ranging in capacity from 12 to 44 passengers, with annual sales of approximately $25 million...



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