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* India - The Controversial BRT Corridor

Delhi,India -India Transport Portal -Jan 2013: -- BRT or bus rapid transit refers to a popular public transportation system which allows buses to move faster and with greater ease, facilitating efficient flow of traffic. Several countries in Europe, the United States, Australia and Indonesia have successfully experimented with this. Following these examples, India too has implemented a number of BRT corridors in different cities...  However, ever since its inception in 2008, the BRT corridor in Delhi has been plagued with controversies... Contrary to beliefs, the BRT corridor has considerably slowed down the traffic movement. A study revealed that there are more than 7 million vehicles compared to only 32000 buses plying on the roads of the national capital. By restricting the private vehicles from plying on bus lanes it further added to the traffic woes in the city... Earlier this year the Delhi High Court had ordered various traffic usage on the BRT corridor, which the authorities failed to comply with... The Delhi Government has approved private cars to ply on the bus lanes of the corridor. However with the government determined to protect the BRT corridor even in the face of stiff opposition, it seems unlikely that the controversies will be resolved soon...



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