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* New York - GE unveils Durathon battery for zero-emission buses

Niskayuna,NY,USA -Gizmag, by Antonio Pasolini -December 21, 2012: -- General Electric’s research team has unveiled its new Durathon battery, which the company says makes it cheaper to power buses using clean energy. It is used in tandem with a lithium battery and a hydrogen fuel cell, a combination that the researchers say makes it possible for the vehicle to achieve full performance with a much smaller fuel cell than previously possible... The battery builds on previous tests with a dual-battery system on a clean fuel hybrid transit bus, combining a high-energy density sodium battery with a high-power lithium battery. This echoes a previous attempt by Harvard scientists to create a fuel cell that produces and stores energy. The idea is to combine the power of acceleration made possible by lithium batteries, with the storage capacity of sodium batteries such as the Durathon...



Anonymous Bus new york said...

Amazing video of makin others understand about zero-emission buses. Sharing with all makes a great sense. Thanks for sharing!

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