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In brief: Worldwide montly news & informations about Buses, Busmakers, Passengers' and the Transport Industry



* Brazil - Sao Paulo to lauch US$1.1 billion tender for bus infrastructure

(Photo: Sao Paulo public transport) 
 Sao Paulo,SP,Brazil -Busworld (Belgium) -28 March 2012: -- The city council of Sao Paulo in Brazil is to launch a US$1.1 billion tender process to improve its bus capacity. The project will include four new bus lanes, refurbishment works on two existing lanes and the construction of five small bus terminals and two inter-municipal terminals. The current government of Sao Paulo city is envisaging the creation of 66km of bus lanes and the construction of nine bus terminals... Meanwhile, the Governor of Sao Paulo has announced that the works for the extension of the Line 4- Yellow of Sao Paulo underground would be resumed soon and the project will be concluded by September 2013. The works comprise two outstanding stretches of the line, with both contracts awarded to the Spanish consortium Corsan-Corvian Construccion in a contract worth US$988.5 million...



* Belgium - European bus registrations growth 

(Photo: MAN Lion's City range) 
Brussels,Belgium -Busworld (Belgium) -4 May 2012: -- The European registrations of new buses and coaches over 3.5 ton gross vehicle weight grew in the first three months of 2012. During March, buses and coaches were the only segment to post growth (+17.9%), sustained by the strong demand in the UK (+86.7%) and Germany (+22.6%)... 

* Germany - OECD: We need better connected transport 

(Photo: Lane Departure Warning) 
 Leipzig, Germany -Busworld (Belgium) -20 May 2012 : -- Better connected transport will drive economic growth and better protect the environment, according to the Transport Outlook 2012 report on mobility trends produced by the International Transport Forum at the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development). The new influential report was launched by OECD Secretary-General, Angel Gurría, during the Annual Summit of Transport Ministers held in Leipzig, Germany... 

* Germany - TÜV Rheinland to provide European perspectives to USA: Connected Vehicle Research Programme 

(Photo: BRT Istanbul) 
Cologne, Germany -Busworld (Belgium) -1 April 2012: -- TÜV Rheinland’s ITS group, together with Booz Allen Hamilton, will support the US Department of Transportation (US DoT) Intelligent Transportation Systems Joint Program Office’s (ITS JPO) work to harmonise international ITS standards for connected vehicle technology... 

* Chile - New global Bus Rapid Transit Database launched 

 (Photo: Phileas Istanbul) 
Santiago,Chile -Busworld (Belgium) - 10 April 2012: -- Three global organizations — EMBARQ, the World Resources Institute’s center for sustainable transport, and the Across Latitudes and Cultures- Bus Rapid Transit Centre of Excellence (ALC-BRT CoE) — in collaboration with the International Energy Agency (IEA) teamed up to launch the most comprehensive, public database of bus rapid transit (BRT) systems around the world, 

* Brazil - C40 cities releases interim results from Latin America hybrid electric bus test 

(Photo: Eletra C40 bus 2012) 
Rio Janeiro,RJ,Brazil -Busworld (Belgium) -10 May 2012: -- The C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group (C40) has released interim results from its Hybrid and Electric Bus Test Program, developed in partnership with the Clinton Climate Initiative, and supported by the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB). The results come from test segments run in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo; additional segments will take place there in Q2 and Q3 2012. In Bogotá and Curitiba, new segments will take place in Q2 and Q3 2012. Participating bus companies include Eletra, Volvo Bus Corporation, TATSA, and BYD... 

* Hong Kong / China - To tighten vehicle emission standards 

(Photo: Volvo KMB)  
H.K.,China -Busworld (Belgium) -2 April 2012: -- The 2012 Air Pollution Control (Vehicle Design Standards) amendment regulation was released in Hong Kong to tighten emission standards for newly registered vehicles to European levels, according to the Hong Kong government website... 

* USA - Requires ESC on large commercial buses 
(Photo: Prevost Greyhound) Washington,DC,USA -Busworld (Belgium) -22 May 2012: -- The US Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has proposed a new federal motor vehicle safety standard to require electronic stability control (ESC) systems on large commercial trucks, motorcoaches, and other large buses, with a GVW of greater than 11,793 kg... 

 * UK - Low carbon bus funding: Third round 

(Photo: Wrightbus Enova) 
London,EN,UK -Busworld (Belgium) -4 April 2012: -- The British Government recently announced the winning bids under the third round of the Green Bus Fund for hybrid, electric and gas buses. The £31 million Green Bus Fund will see 439 new low carbon buses come to UK roads, the majority of which are expected to be manufactured in the UK...

* UK - Aries takes its safety solutions
Aylesbury,Buckinghamshire,EN,UK -Transport Engineer -29 May 2012: -- Aylesbury-based operator Motts Travel has taken delivery of a Volvo B9R coach with VDL Jonckheere bodywork and liveried specifically for the company's Crusader Holidays contract... The new vehicle joins Motts fleet of 55, which includes over 30 vehicles built on the Volvo chassis. The renewed investment reflects a strong faith and trust in the Volvo brand, products and services by the Buckinghamshire operator...



* Germany - Mercedes-Benz Travego now with Active Brake Assist 2 

(Photo: Travego Brake Assist 2) 
Stuttgart,Germany -Busworld (Belgium) -16 April 2012 : -- Mercedes-Benz is now launching the second generation of Active Brake Assist in their flagship Travego. The new generation of the award-winning Active Brake Assist – also known as the advanced emergency braking system and the winner of numerous awards – can now detect stationary obstacles. Until now, following a series of warnings of increasing severity and a lack of reaction on the part of the driver, the safety system always automatically initiated a full application of the brakes in the case of an acute risk of collision with a slower-moving vehicle ahead... 

* USA - New Voith technology to improve fuel economy on city transit buses

(Photo: Voith Diwa transmission) 
San Diego,CAL,USA -Busworld (Belgium) -19 May 2012: -- Voith has introduced its patented SensoTop technology for heavy-duty transit buses into the North American market. SensoTop is designed to optimize bus transmission gear-shifting to reduce fuel consumption, saving transit systems money and further advancing Voith's strong commitment to environmental sustainability. Last year, Voith opened a hybrid power-train development center near San Diego which will further develop Voith's innovative hybrid diesel/electric power-train drive systems for transit buses... 

* UK - Formula One Flywheel to be trialled on London buses 

 (Image: WHP Flywheel hybrid 2012) 
London,EN,UK -Busworld (Belgium) -1 May 2012: -- A fuel saving device developed for Formula One is to be fitted to six prototype buses. The Go-Ahead Group and Williams Hybrid Power, a subsidiary of Williams Grand Prix Engineering, have teamed up to develop a flywheel energy storage application for use in buses...  Go-Ahead and Williams Hybrid Power have agreed to co-develop and co-produce six prototype buses with a retrofitted hybrid flywheel system, providing electro-mechanical energy to drive the bus and deliver substantial improvements in fuel economy and reductions in CO2 emissions...

* Japan - Panasonic new millimeter-wave radar technology to detect pedrestrians and vehicles in low visibility conditions

(Image: Panasonic Radar) 
Osaka,Japan -Busworld (Belgium) -30 April 2012: -- Panasonic Corporation announced it has developed an advanced radar technology for next-generation traffic safety systems that enables to detect humans and vehicles in a range of several tens of meters. This millimeter-wave radar technology allows for detecting objects outdoors in poor visibility conditions, such as night, rain and snow, as well as against the sunlight. When applied in traffic surveillance sensors located at intersections, this innovative technology will help increase automotive safety by detecting pedestrians and bicycles hidden in the driver's blind spots... 

* China - Dongfeng Yangtse Bus releases first zinc-air battery buses 
Wuhan,China -Busworld (Belgium) -17 April 2012: -- China's first Zinc-Air battery bus was recently shown on the Chinese new energy auto show and has passed through the national test and state acceptance. These buses are co-developed by Yangtze Bus and one new energy technology company in Wuhan. The first buses will be on the road in Wuhan later this year. These experiments are initiated in this city, because the Zinc-air batteries are manufactured by a local company...



* The Netherlands - DAF announces EURO 6 engines with common rail 

(Photo: DAF MX13 Euro6 2012) 
Eindhoven, The Netherlands -Busworld (Belgium) -14 April 2012: -- DAF Trucks announces a new engine generation, developed for the new Euro 6 emissions legislation. The 12.9 litre Euro 6 MX-13 engine uses ultra-modern common rail technology, a turbo with variable geometry and advanced controls for maximum efficiency. In order to comply with the strict Euro 6 emissions requirements, it features exhaust gas recirculation, together with SCR technology and an active soot filter... 

* UK - Cummins ISB6.7 changes gear for EURO VI 

(Photo: Cummins Euro 6 2012) 
Huddersfield,Kirklees,W. Yorkshire,EN,UK -Busworld (Belgium) -5 April 2012: -- Cummins’ next generation of the ISB6.7 engine for the planned Euro VI emissions was revealed at the company’s European Technical Centre. The 6.7 litre engine range extends up to 310 HP for truck and coach installations, and 280 HP for bus applications. Peak torque remains at a high level of 1100 Nm. The latest version of Cummins 6 cylinder B Series builds on the pedigree of the B5.9 and ISBe 6.7 engines... 

* Germany - MAN launches EURO 6 CNG engine

(Photo: MAN Euro 6 CNG engine)
Munich,Germany -Busworld -30 March 2012: -- Natural gas as a particularly clean source of energy for buses has been established in a large number of markets all over the world for many years now. MAN's experience with CNG buses is one that can be measured in decades and in millions of kilometres, the manufacturer wishes to point out. As a next step, it now launches the Euro 6 CNG engine...

* Germany - FEV Gmbh announces foundation of FEV Turkey in Istanbul

(Photo: BMC EEV bus) 
Aachen, Germany -Busworld -3 April 2012: -- FEV GmbH (FEV), a leading developer of advanced powertrain and vehicle technologies, has founded a subsidiary in Istanbul, Turkey. Named FEV TR Otomotiv ve Enerji Araştırma ve Mühendislik Limited Şirketi (FEV Turkey Automotive and Energy Research and Engineering Limited Company), it is FEV’s 16th subsidiary worldwide and represents FEV’s continued global expansion into quickly developing markets...

* Africa - AVM selects chinese engines to power its buses  

(Photo: AVM Buses) 
Harare, Zimbabwe -Busworld -8 May 2012: -- Bus and truck builder AVM Africa of Harare, Zimbabwe, which has traditionally built its vehicles using DAF engines, is to introduce Chinese engines in their current line of vehicles. AVM says the use of these engines will cut its production costs with about 50 percent...




* USA - Balqon Corp. to showcase heavy duty electric vehicle chassis

(Photo: Balqon E450 2012)
Los Angeles,CAL,USA -Busworld -16 May 2012:  --  During the recently held 26th International Electric Vehicle Symposium in Los Angeles, Balqon Corporation showed an electric chassis and drive systems, which are also suitable for heavy-duty buses. Balqon Corporation is an emerging developer and manufacturer of zero emissions heavy-duty electric vehicles, energy storage products and electric drive systems... 

  * Australia - Varley Electric Vehicles, to build electric buses in Queensland

(Photo: A MAN Volgren Brisbane bus) 

Brisbane,QLD,Australia -Busworld -26 March 2012:  --  Varley Electric Vehicles will retrofit a passenger bus from Brisbane City Council with electric vehicle technologies as part of a multi-million dollar growth program for the company called Instant Charge Electric Bus... Instant Charge Electric Bus will run solely on batteries recharged by the electricity grid and will be distinctive in its ability to recharge its onboard battery to up to 80% capacity in less than 10 minutes using a buffered system that will have no direct impact on the electricity grid. The bus will be recharged with 100% renewable electricity...

* USA - Enova Systems delivers electric drive system to Optare 

Torrance,CAL,USA -Busworld (Belgium) -13 April 2012: -- Enova Systems, Inc. has delivered four incremental 120 kW drive systems to Optare Plc for integration into their Solo Electric Bus. Optare has chosen Enova as the production drive system supplier for their all electric buses. Optare designs, manufactures and sells single deck and double deck buses and mini coaches. Its buses operate in the UK, Continental Europe, and North America...




* USA - Navistar to expand partnership with China truck makers JAC to build school buses
(Photo: Plugin schoolbus) 
Warrensville,Ill,USA -Busworld (Belgium) -28 April 2012: -- Navistar, Inc. plans to expand its collaboration with Chinese truck maker Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Co. Ltd. (JAC). Navistar and JAC signed non-binding letters of intent to partner on new commercial vehicle opportunities like the design, development, manufacturing and distribution of school buses for the Chinese market... 

* USA - Daimler to close Orion and buy into MCI 

(Photo: A Orion Hybrid bus in New York)
Portland,OR,USA -Busworld (Belgium) -5 May 2012 : -- As part of its Globe 2013 initiative, Daimler Buses is reconfiguring its bus operation in North America. The company has announced its intent to establish a strategic partnership to combine Motor Coach Industries’ (MCI) product, service and sales operation with Setra’s coach distribution rights and network in the region. The deal will involve Daimler taking a minority stake in MCI. The transaction is expected to be finalised by May 31, 2012... 

 * Germany - Daimler considering possible chinese investors

(Photo: Citaro Hybrid 2009 )
Stuttgart,Germany - Busworld (Belgium) - 27 March 2012:  --  Daimler AG is currently looking for new Chinese shareholders, with five to ten percent of its stock on sale, the Beijing Times reported recently. According to the report, Daimler CEO, Dieter Zetsche, has met with the China Investment Corporation to discuss the issue. The German company has already signed an agreement with an independent investment bank to help carry out the trade...

* Germany - SETRA present the new Comfortclass 500 

(Photo: Setra Comfortclass 500)
Neu-Ulm, Germany -Busworld (Belgium) - 23.05.2012: -- The new Setra ComfortClass 500 generation of touring coaches sends a very clear message at first glance, according to Setra. The message is that this is a bus with a dynamic, self-confident look, one that earns top marks for comfort and safety, and redefines the tour bus premium segment. The two-axle model S 515 HD, the two- and three-axle S 516 HD and the three-axle S 517 HD will all be launched in the autumn of 2012... 

* Poland - Solaris Urbino for Rhineland operators

(Photo: A Urbino Rheinland 2012)
Bolechowo, Poland -Busworld (Belgium) -17 May 2012:  --  During 2012, Solaris will supply 44 state-of-the-art Urbino low-floor city buses to five bus operators from the Rhineland region in Germany. The local authority-owned companies jointly tender for new buses as part of “Kooperationsgemeinschaft Mittlerer Niederrhein” (KMN) group and chose Solaris for the third consecutive time. In order to generate synergies, the municipal transport companies of the German cities of Mönchengladbach, Krefeld, Neuss and Viersen as well as neighbouring Heinsberg District procure new buses together, with joint tenders issued every year...

* Poland - Eco-friendly Solaris buses ordered by Lithuania and Finland

(Photo: Solaris Urbino CNG)
Bolechowo, Poland -Busworld (Belgium) -6 April 2012:  --  Two Lithuanian cities have chosen a total of 30 climate-friendly Solaris buses to renew their fleets over the coming months. Different technologies will be used, with the new buses fuelled by biogas or built as diesel-electric hybrids. The orders were placed by operators in Kaunas and Panevėžys... Solaris has also received its first order from Finland. Two eco-friendly Urbino hybrid buses will join the fleet of Tampere’s Tampereen Kaupunkiliikenne (TKL) by the end of the year...  

* The Netherlands - E-bus by EMOSS 

(Photo: eMOSS e-Bus 2012)
Oosterhout,The Netherlands -Busworld (Belgium) - 21 May 2012:   --  Within public transport, the benefits of emission, noise and vibration-free electric busses did not go unnoticed. Available as 8 and 12 meter chassis, Dutch manufacturer EMOSS of Oosterhout offers with e-Bus the next generation vehicles for public transport. Free of emission standards, escalating diesel and maintenance cost the e-Bus line offers you the freedom of inner city operation and beyond...

* Canada - New Flyer and ADL partner to develop Midi Bus

(Photo: Alexander Dennis Enviro 2012)
Winnipeg,Ontario,CAN -Busworld (Belgium) -15 May 2012:  --   The North American heavy-duty bus manufacturer New Flyer Industries Inc., having a plant in Winnipeg, Ontario (CVanada) is teaming up with the UK bus manufacturer Alexander Dennis to develop a medium duty transit vehicle for the North American market...  New Flyer said the buses will be driven by either clean diesel, electric hybrid or compressed natural gas...

* Israel - MAN articulated bus chassis for Israel´s  Bus Rapid Transit Systems

(Photo: MAN BRT Israel 2012)
Haifa,Israel -Busworld (Belgium)  -12 April 2012:  --  One of Israel's largest bus operators, DAN Society for Public Transport, recently presented the first of 172 futuristically designed buses in Haifa that will form the backbone of the state-of-the-art Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) systems in the major cities of Haifa and Tel Aviv. MAN Truck and Bus is supplying three-axle low-floor articulated buses for this system, powered by 360-hp common-rail diesel engines that comply with the currently strictest EEV (enhanced environmentally-friendly vehicle) emission standard. The futuristic bodies of the buses, which are equipped with powerful air-conditioning systems suitable for hot climates, are manufactured locally in Israel by the Ha’argaz company... 

* UK - Scania launches gas buses on British market

(Photo: Scania Omnilink gas engine)  
Milton Keynes,UK -Busworld (Belgium) -11 April 2012:  --  Following significant success in a number of Swedish cities and other locations around the world, Scania (Great Britain) Limited in conjunction with bodybuilder Alexander Dennis Limited is to launch a low entry gas bus into the UK. The new vehicle will be based on Scania's KUB chassis and feature Scania's 270 horsepower EEV 9.3-litre five-cylinder energy efficient lean burn gas engine, which offers high efficiency and low fuel consumption with no need for exhaust gas recirculation (EGR)... 

* India  - Scania to start Indian bus production in 2014

(Photo: Scania India 2013)
 Narasapura,Bangalore,India -Busworld (Belgium) -31 March 2012:  --  Scania will start to produce trucks and buses in India by 2013. Scania Commercial Vehicles India Private Ltd., the Indian entity, will set up a plant in the Narasapura Industrial Area near Bangalore which will serve as an assembly unit for truck and bus chassis during phase 1 of operations. Body building for city buses and coaches is likely to begin in the first half of 2014...

* Sweden - MCV bodied Volvo B7RLE for British operator 

(Photo: Volvo MCV 2012)
Torslanda,Göteborg, Sweden -Busworld (Belgium) -6 April 2012:  --  Pulhams Coaches has taken delivery of the first three Volvo B7RLE buses with MCV bodywork, following the announcement of the new partnership between Volvo and MCV last year. Each of Pulhams Coaches new buses features 44 passenger seats, stylish moquette seating, CCTV and an onboard reversing camera...

* Italy - IVECO plans to build full.sizw buses in Brazil

(Photo: Iveco CityClass Escolar Brazil)
Turin,Italy -Busworld (Belgium) -3 May 2012: -- According to reports in the Brazilian media, Iveco is planning to increase its bus production in South America. Till now it produces the Daily City Class and chassis for citybuses in its Brazilian plant, the Daily City Class being bodied by Brazilian bodybuilder NeoBus. But Iveco Irisbus obviously has bigger plans, according to Marco Mazzu, Iveco Director for Latin America, during the recent presentation of the new Daily City Class Escolar....

* France - IVECO Irisbus: Record order for hybrid buses

(Photo: Irisbus Citilis Vienna 2012)
Annonay, France -Busworld (Belgium) -27 April 2012: -- Iveco has announced a record order for its hybrid Diesel-electric buses: with 102 vehicles, 41 standard and 61 articulated, the French city of Dijon has signed Europe’s largest single order for hybrid buses. Produced in the Iveco Irisbus factory in Annonay, France, the hybrid Diesel-electric buses are available as complete vehicles (the Citelis 12 and 18 metre models) or as a chassis and bodywork produced in Rorthais under the name of Access'Bus GX 327 and GX 427...

* UK - First Chinese Double-deckers in service in London

(Photo: Anhui Ankai London 2012)
London,EN,UK -Busworld (Belgium) -9 May 2012: -- Big Bus Tours has put 20 sightseeing buses from Chinese manufacturer Anhui Ankai Automobile Limited Company into operation in London. They are the first Chinese double deckers to enter service in the UK. The vehicles have been successfully put through the Individual Vehicle Authorisation (IVA) process and have now gained approval by VOSA officials... 

* UK - Arriva wins 750M Euros Dutch contract

(Photo: Arriva Denmark)
Sunderland,UK -Busworld (Belgium) -23 April 2012: -- Arriva Nederland has won a €750m/£611.3m contract to operate bus services in South Holland province of the Netherland’s. The eight year concession, which has a two-year extension option, begins in December 2012. Arriva already has a presence in this part of the country, where it operates bus, rail and waterbus services within the Drechtsteden, Alblasserwaard, Vijfheerenlanden and the Hoeksche Waard regions...

* Turkey - BMC adds Procity 340 K articulated bus to program

(Photo: BMC Procity articulated)
Istanbul,Turkey -Busworld (Belgium)  -29 April 2012: -- BMC’s Procity340 super Low floor articulated bus was on display during this year’s Busworld exhibiton in Istanbul, Turkey. The Procity 340 K with its 157 passenger capacity (43 seating, 114 standing) offers an ultimate high capacity transport solution to operators. The BMC 340K is fitted with 340 PS Cummins engine, and incorporates new generation automatic gearbox, portal axles, manual foldable ramp for disabled passengers, air conditioning, automatic greasing system and automatic kneeling system. Procity articulated buses are in operation in Izmir and Milan...

* Turkey - Temsa Safir VIP prepared specially for KAMIL KOÇ

(Photo: Temsa VIP)
Adana, Turkey -Busworld (Belgium) -25 May 2012:  --  During the Busworld Turkey 2012 Bus Fair held at İstanbul Fair Center. Temsa handed over 10 Safir VIP vehicles to Kamil Koç. The Temsa Safir VIP has a 2+1 seating with 37 seats and an automatic transmission...

* Uruguay - Patriarca bus body plant for Brazil

(Photo: A Patriarca Corsario)
Montevideo,Uruguay -Busworld (Belgium) -2 May 2012 : -- The Uruguayan bus body builder Patriarca announced that it will construct a plant in Bagé, Rio Grande do Sul state, in southern Brazil. The initial investment will be around $6 million and the site is expected to cover about 160,000 sq. ft. and employ more than 120 people...  Patriarca, founded in 2002, is a family-owned company that manufactures components, final bus bodies, microbuses, school buses, coaches and other vehicles. The company intends to start working on the site in the second half of this year, with completion expected within 24 months...  Production is expected to be approximately 540 buses a year, according to Sebastian Quinteros, a Patriarca executive...




* UK - ITM Power and HARDSTAFF Group to develop hydrogen-CNG fuel system 

(Photo: A bus fuels up with a blend of hydrogen and CNG at the Port Coquitlam Transit Centre)
Sheffield,UK -Busworld -25 May 2012: -- UK clean fuel and energy storage company ITM Power and The Hardstaff Group have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to develop and market a Hydrogen Compressed Natural Gas (HCNG) fuel system... Natural Gas or Bio Methane may be combined at various ratios with hydrogen to produce HCNG, which, when burned, offers benefits in the emissions performance and efficiency of engines. These improvements in combustion not only reduce the tailpipe emissions of carbon dioxide, NOx, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons but also allow for increased engine speed operation, enabling the downsizing of engines. Engine downsizing results in improved operational efficiency and reduced weight...

* China - Beijing and Petrochina to promote LNG for City Transport 

(Photo: China CNG bus) 
Beijing,China -Busworld (Belgium) -18 May 2012: --  Beijing Municipal People’s Government and Petrochina, part of state-owned oil and gas giant China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) have jointly signed a strategic agreement to promote the use of LNG in the city’s public transport sector, reports China News. Under the agreement CNPC will provide 100 LNG-powered public transport vehicles to get the project underway, with the first lot expected to be in operation before end of February. Petrochina will build a skid-mounted LNG filling stations along major urban route across Beijing... According to the report, replacing the city’s 15,000 diesel buses with LNG vehicles is equivalent to the transformation of the 750 000 cars, a significant step toward improvement of the capital’s atmospheric environment.

* China - Beijing Public Transport switches to natural gas buses 

(Photo: Foton AUX LNG bus)
 Beijing,China -Busworld (Belgium)-15 April 2012: -- Foton Bus has developed an 18 meter articulated LNG bus for Beijing Public Transport Holdings, Ltd. (BPT). She indicates that she will be switching from diesel buses to natural gas buses for future bus purchases, according to reports in the Chinese press. This year, BPT will purchase 280 units of the new Foton 18m sized LNG articulated buses...

* India - Jathropa biofuel proyect may end 

(Photo: Jathropa plant) 
New Delhi,India -Busworld -14 May 2012: -- Was Jatropha planting on wasteland simply a waste? That’s what a tangle of central government and special committees must soon decide, and the quicker the better. The story goes back almost a decade to 2003, when Jatropha was being promoted as an ideal biofuel crop for wasteland cultivation. Ten years and volumes of plant physiology and genetics research later, we know the answer, at least from the economic standpoint, was “yes”... 

* Germany - GAZPROM and SOLBUS testing LNG as bus fuel 

(Photo: Solbus Gazprom LNG 2012) Berlin,Germany -Busworld -11 May 2012: -- Gazprom Germania together with the Polish bus manufacturer Solbus and local municipal transport companies have been organizing a series of demo-runs of LNG-fuelled buses during April and May 2012. Two Solbus Solcity buses will be servicing regular lines in several cities, available for the use of the general public...  Liquefied natural gas at temperatures of between -161 °C and -139 °C can be used as an internal combustion engine fuel and is as environmentally friendly as the established CNG (compressed natural gas), which already today is one of the most promising alternative motor fuels, offering savings on ever increasing petrol and diesel prices and 25 % lower CO2 emissions...




* Beijing - In the Spotlight, Bus Manufacturers Focus on Safety 

(Photo: Youtong bus, New Energy Bus' award at the Beijing International Exhibition for Buses)
Beijing,China -CRI English, by Seth Coleman -23 May 2012: ... Bus companies gathered for the Beijing International Exhibition on Buses, Trucks, and Components which took place from May 16th to 18th. Safety features were a hot topic at the exhibition this year, after several fatal bus accidents focused public attention on the issue. A long-haul bus fire in Henan province killed 41 people in July last year, and a school bus crash in Gansu last November killed 19 preschoolers and 2 adults. The central government has responded by issuing new regulations for bus design and operation... School buses have come under particular scrutiny after public outrage at recent accidents. Government regulations which took effect in April this year are forcing manufacturers to produce a new generation of buses for China's schoolchildren... While it's encouraging to see so much attention being lavished on safety features, the success of the new push for safety relies heavily on local authorities strictly enforcing the new regulations...




* New York - A Taste of Italian, Served Up in a Big Bus

(Photos, by Michelle V. Agins/The New York Times: A 40-foot bus from Delverde, the Italian producer of premium pasta, will be showcasing its own products as well as other Italian foods, like cheeses, spices and wine) New York,NY,USA -The NYT, by GREGORY SCHMIDT -May 7, 2012: -- The food truck is gaining a reputation in the United States as a destination for those craving fine cuisine. Delverde, an Italian maker of premium pasta, is borrowing that idea and extending it to a food bus, which will tour the East Coast as part of the company’s efforts to win over America’s taste buds. Delverde products are typically found in high-end markets, so the bus tour is an unconventional way for the company to broaden its consumer reach in the United States, said Delverde’s chief executive, Luca Ruffini...
(Photo: The bus equipped with a state-of-the-art kitchen ...) The tour bus, 40 feet long and painted green and yellow to match the packaging of Delverde’s products, was customized to include a professional kitchen made by Olis, an Italian maker of kitchen equipment, and a lounge area. It is making stops in several cities to serve up 15,000 sample dishes and pass out $50,000 worth of coupons...
(Photo: ... Also has a lounge for diners)
In 2010, Delverde was acquired by Molinos Río de la Plata, an Argentine food company, which wanted to expand Delverde’s presence in the United States.