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* Germany - Voith Turbo, reliable all over the world

Crailsheim,Germany -Busworld (Belgium) -27 Jan 2012: -- The DIWA automatic is not only a transmission specifically developed for citybuses. It is also a gearbox that has proven itself worldwide in demanding applications, such as BRT systems, and also under tough climatic conditions. This is why transport operators in Central and South America, in Africa, Australia and the Far East rely on Voith. Alongside the transmission's high reliability, a key reason for this trust is the professional local service with designated teams. Over the last few months alone, Voith received orders for 650 transmissions for Perth, 600 each for Singapore and Panama, 400 for Morocco, 200 for Macau and 700 for Sao Paulo and Curitiba in Brazil...

* Turkey - Allison Boxes in new Burulas Buses

(Photo: An Otokar Doruk bus)
Bursa,Turkey -Busworld (Belgium) -19 Jan 2012: -- Allison Transmission has further grown its presence in the Turkish public transport market, with the BURULAS (Bursa Ulasim Toplu Tasima Isletmeciligi) operation in Bursa, Turkey, ordering 18 new Otokar Doruk 215LE buses... The vehicles feature Allison’s T280R fully automatic gearboxes, bringing the number of vehicles installed with Allison transmissions in that fleet to 63. Allison’s T280R from its Torqmatic Series is claimed to be an ideal solution for buses and coaches up to 24,000kg and engines up to some 260hp of power. Models from this range have six forward speeds and one reverse gear, as well as an optional integral hydraulic retarder. According to Allison, the advanced closed loop adaptive electronic controls ensure superior shift quality and strategy for optimum passenger comfort and fuel economy...

* UK - Firstbus signs 21ST Century for mobile CCTV Systems

London,EN,UK -Busworld -27 Jan 2012: -- 21st Century, the UK’s leading supplier of public transport CCTV and vehicle monitoring systems, has been awarded Preferred Supplier status to supply and maintain on-vehicle CCTV systems for FirstGroup plc's bus operating companies in the UK... With a fleet of 8,000 buses, FirstGroup is the UK's largest bus operator running more than one in five of all local bus services. FirstGroup is also the UK's largest rail operator. In North America it operates the iconic Greyhound coach services and is the largest provider of student transportation with some 57,000 yellow school buses... 




* Turkey - Mercedes-Benz Turk A.S. history

(Photo: Aerial View Mercedes-Benz Türk A.Ş. bus and coach plant in Hoşdere)
Hosdere,Turkey -Busworld -27 Jan 2012: -- Mercedes-Benz Turk which was founded in Istanbul with “Otomarsan” title in 1967 with 36% joint partnership of Daimler-Benz AG started 0 302 model bus production in 1968... Only 2 years after starting production, in 1970 the company began exporting and became Mercedes-Benz “Turkey General Dealer” in 1984... In 1986, in parallel with Turkey’s growth potential, Aksaray factory which is in central Anatolia began producing trucks... The company changed its trade name as “Mercedes-Benz Turk A.S.” in November 1990. Today, Mercedes-Benz Turk A.S. is one of the biggest foreign capital investments of Turkey with an investment volume over 670 Million Euros and 4700 employees. Furthermore, Mercedes-Benz Turk A.S. has 2500 employees in dealers and after sales services network country-wide... The share of Daimler AG in Mercedes-Benz Turk capital is 67%... Currently, intercity and municipal bus models are being produced in Hoşdere Factory in Istanbul and medium and heavy types of trucks are being produced in Aksaray Factory. These facilities are a significant part of development and production network of Daimler AG. The company imports and sells all the products including the ones that are being produced in Turkey.

* UK - Optare enters small bus market with the Bonito

(Photo: Optare enters small bus market with the Bonito Optare)
London,EN,UK -The Commercial Vehicle Show 2012 -17 January 2012: -- Optare announces today that it will be entering the small and accessible bus market this year with an all new Optare-badged model – the Bonito. The vehicle, produced in the Netherlands by Plastisol to Optare’s specification...  The Bonito will go on sale to British operators from June... It uses a fully integrated composite body structure with accommodation for up to 16 passengers and no separate chassis...  It is based on the highly successful Fiat Ducato Maxi light commercial vehicle which features a gross vehicle weight of 4 tonnes, a 2999cc 157bhp diesel engine, and a choice of six speed manual or semi-automatic transmission...

* China - School bus makers split on safety draft

Beijing,China -Busworld -27 Jan 2012: -- Opinions were divided among school bus manufacturers at a national conference over proposed standards for the buses, with some complaining that a newly released draft of standards sets the bar too high... The conference, held by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, is aimed at seeking feedback from major bus producers on the draft of safety standards for school buses, including technical specifications and car seat standards. The solicitation of public opinion ended on Sunday... School bus safety has been a high priority for the central government following a string of deadly road accidents involving pupils and preschoolers in the last two months of 2011. China has seen a groundswell of voices calling for safer school buses and more school bus access nationwide...



Cell Phone Use * USA

* Alabama - Restricting drivers’, a tough pill to swallow?

Tuscaloosa,ALA,USA -CCJ Digital, by Aaron Huff -December 29, 2011: -- From January 3, 2012, commercial truck or bus drivers will face civil penalties of up to $2,750, per violation, for using handheld cell phones while operating a vehicle. The new rule, announced in November by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, will include a maximum penalty of $11,000 for companies that permit this behavior...  The real danger of using cell phones is not the risk of being caught. The accident risk is equal to driving while legally intoxicated, according to a study in the New England Journal of Medicine...  To help mitigate this risk, fleets can use applications that automatically lock down mobile devices when they detect motion. The real challenge, however, may be restricting drivers from using personal phones while operating company vehicles...

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* Brazil - Retains its place as a top 5 global auto market

Sao Paulo,SP,Brazil -CARCON Automotive, by Julian Semple -January 5, 2012: -- Full year results are likely to show Brazil as the 5th largest automotive market; it could even hold on to 4th place for a second year, depending on Germany's full year results. Unlike Germany and other big automotive exporters such as South Korea, however, Brazil relies mostly on its internal market for growth... After decades of high inflation, high interest rates and even default on international loans, Brazil's economy began to improve in the mid-1990s with the creation of the new Real currency. Getting inflation to one digit was key to increasing consumer confidence and buying power...  According to Fenabrave, the national dealership association, vehicle sales in 2011 totalled 3.633 million, a 3.3% increase over 2010. This includes 3.425 million units of cars and light commercial vehicles, and 207,400 trucks and buses. Fenabrave forecasts light vehicle sales to rise 4.5% in 2012, with a 9.6% rise in HCV sales...



* India - Volvo launches new range of buses

(Photo by Sandeep Saxena - akan Karlsson, President, Volvo Bus Corporation, and Akash Passey, Managing Director and CEO, Volvo Buses in South Asia, at the launch of new range of city bus and coaches in New Delhi on Thursday)
New Delhi,India -The Hindu -29 Dec 2011:  --  Volvo on Thursday launched its new range of buses, comprising city bus and coaches, aimed at inter-State routes and cities. The expanded range of Volvo buses in India now includes three new models that are the first-of-its kind in the country and takes the company's bus range to ten different products...  Developments follow just three months after Volvo announced its ambition to be a $1-billion company in the coming years...

* India - Not missing the bus this time. Manufacturers are betting big on the Indian commercial vehicle segment

(Photo by S. Subramanium - Ashok Leyland low floor Jan Bus unveiled at the Auto Expo 2012 at Paragti Maidan in New Delhi)
New Delhi,India -The Hindu, by Sandeep Joshi -9 Jan 2012: -- The ongoing Auto Expo 2012 are showcasing their new offerings and future buses and trucks aimed at tapping the Indian market where the economy is still in good health and road infrastructure is improving fast...  Be it Ashok Leyland, Tata Motors, Man Force, AMW or Paccar, all are betting big on the Indian commercial vehicle segment. The expo has seen Man Force Trucks making its entry into the bus segment by launching its first 45-seat luxury bus, Man Airobus, priced at Rs.60 lakh...  Similarly, the Hinduja Group flagship Ashok Leyland unveiled the‘Jan Bus' — world's first single-step, front engine, fully-flat floor bus for urban transportation...

* India - After UK's Optare, Ashok Leyland close to two more acquisitions

Guindy,Chennai,India -The Economic Times -20 Jan, 2012: -- Ashok Leyland is closing in on two acquisitions in buses and foundry businesses as the truck maker stays on the prowl after buying 75% stake in UK bus maker Optare Buses, a top official said...  The Hinduja Group will invest close to Rs 2,000 crore in the next couple of years in the firm to grow its automotive business in India and elsewhere, Ashok Leyland Chairman, Dheeraj Hinduja, said. India's second largest commercial vehicle company will step on the gas in emerging markets to become a global player...   "Organically, we have made most of the investments we needed to make. Now the focus is on acquisitions. After Optare, there are two more acquisition opportunities we are closing in on for buses and foundry. We are actively eyeing areas of foundries, buses and engineering and design services companies (for aerospace and defence)"...
* UK - Optare retires original Solo as Solo SR gains ground

(Photo: An Optare's urban bus)
Leeds,EN,UK -Transport Engineer, by Brian Tinham -12 Jan 2012: -- Optare has announced the end of production of its original Solo bus after some 14 years. The original model is being retired in favour of the new look Solo SR...  Since its introduction in 1997, more than 4,000 Solo buses have entered service in the UK, with additional exports to the US, Western Europe and beyond...




* UK - Plymouth Citybus orders ten new Volvo buses

(Photo: A Volvo Euro 5 B7RLE bus)
Plymouth,Devon,EN,UK -ABR -16 January 2012: -- Plymouth Citybus, a part of UK-based bus operator Go Ahead, has invested GBP1.6m to buy ten modern Volvo Euro 5 B7RLE low emission buses with Wrightbus Eclipse 2 bodywork...  The new B7RLE low entry city bus is powered by a rear mounted D7E 7.1 litre in-line, common rail, fuel injection diesel engine, connected to the 6-speed ZF Ecolife gearbox...  The new Volvo vehicles will be manufactured at the Wrightbus factory in Northern Ireland and will be delivered to Plymouth Citybus by late 2012...

* India - Ashok Leyland gets big order from Tanzania

(Photo: Ashok Leyland Comet bus)
Chennai,India -BUSWORLD -Dec 2011: -- Ashok Leyland has bagged an order worth around USD 36.56 million for 723 trucks, buses and special application vehicles from the Government of Tanzania. These vehicles will be used for logistical purposes by the government and the Company will complete deliveries by end of the current fiscal... Ashok Leyland has been aggressively expanding its network in the African market with network offices in Nigeria and Ghana in the West; Malawi and Mozambique in the South; Kenya and Tanzania in the East, apart from their offices in South Africa and Egypt. In 2010-2011, the Company's export numbers grew by 72% to touch 10,306 units...

* Canada - Ballard to Supply Hydrogen Fuel Cell Modules to Sao Paulo in Brazil

(Photo: Fcvelocity-HD6 Hydrogen Fuel Cell)
Burnaby,BC,Canada -Azom, by Cameron Chai -December 29, 2011: -- Ballard Power Systems has expressed a letter of intent (LOI) to supply 25 hydrogen fuel cell modules called FCvelocity-HD6 to be used as a power source for 25 buses in the City of Sao Paulo, the largest city in Brazil... FCvelocity-HD6, the company’s sixth-generation fuel cell module, can be used as a ready-to-use product for any type of hybrid fuel cell or fuel cell bus platform, thanks to its control unit that interacts with a system controller. The module also improves fuel efficiency, power density and durability when compared to previous generation products...



*Sweden - NOBINA places major biomethane bus order

(Photo: Scania biogasbus 2011)
Gothemburg,Sweden -BUSWORLD -Dec 2011:  -- Nobina AB, supplier of passenger transport to local communities throughout the Nordic Region, has invested over half a billion SEK (USD 74 million) in new biogas fueled regional buses. The buses will be put into service in Skåne and Uppland as of summer 2012. The order from Nobina is Scania AB’s biggest order for gas engines to date and represents a breakthrough for the new generation of gas engines introduced by Scania in the autumn of 2010. Of the 121 buses for Nobina, 109 will be run on biomethane and the rest on biodiesel...  Scania says the order now means it is the largest make in the Swedish marketplace. The company says biomethane holds tremendous potential, for instance if produced from sewage and waste dumps, and is gradually gaining ground as a fuel of choice...

* Oregon/USA - New hidrogen storage method could replace petroleum

(Image: Fuelcell construction)
ORE,USA -BUSWORLD -Dec 2011: -- Hydrogen really could be the energy of the future. It is renewable, abundant, and 100% environmentally friendly. The obstacles restricting its global use are the difficulties of collecting it (pure hydrogen doesn’t occur naturally) and storing it in the quantities necessary for producing significant energy levels. Scientists at the University of Oregon have recently developed a way of storing hydrogen in a liquid form that is stable in both air and moisture, and workable at room temperature...  It could minimise the current obstacles to storage and transportation, enabling an eventual transition to a hydrogen based energy infrastructure. Pure hydrogen burns and reacts with the oxygen readily available in the air to produce heat and water, with no other chemical by products. Due to the clean nature of the fuel and the energy it produces it is already being researched for powering vehicles, however, as I mentioned earlier the current storage options available are limited...



* A Coach is not a truck

(Photo: Scania coach)
Brussels,Belgium -Busworld -Dec 2011: -- The world of coach travel has been shaken up by the new Driving and Resting Time Regulations, issued as Regulation EG 561/2006 on 15 March 2006 by the European Parliament and the Council of Ministers... This regulation abolished the exceptions that were common for coaches, placing the coach travel industry on a parwith the road haulage industry in terms of permitted driving hours. Whilst there are essential differences that distinguish the transport of people and the transport of goods. The new regulations have made it almost impossible to indulge in relaxed and smooth-paced sightseeing tourism in which passengers alight at frequent intervals, have lunch in a restaurant around midday and enjoy their hotel in the evening...  During the latest Busworld Show 2011 in Kortrijk this campaign has been relaunched.
We want to realize a so-called “black book” with testimonials of ( bad) experiences drivers/coachoperators had due to this regulation.



* India - TATA'S says CNG-electric hybrid buses in great demand

(Photo: A Tata CNG Hybrid 2011)
Kolkata,India -BUSWORLD -Dec 2011: -- Tata Motors recently has received an order for 10 CNG-electric hybrid buses from Spain... These buses have got good response from the Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC)... During the Commonwealth Games 2010, the auto manufacturer had presented four CNG-electric hybrid buses to the DTC. The company has also presented two CNG-electric hybrid low-floor Starbuses to BEST on trial basis here. Tata Hybrid Starbus provides significant improvement in the fuel economy as against a conventional bus. The bus has lower emissions and also environment friendly...

* China - Kinglong to launch bonneted shoolbus

(Photo: Kinglong schoolbus)
Changping,Beijing,China -Busworld -Dec 2011: -- Kinglong has confirmed that they are now developing a bonneted school bus that will be in compliance with American federal safety standards for this type of bus. The buses will be unveiled next year... The new school buses will range from a dozen seats to fifty or more seats and cover both bonneted school buses and forward control versions...

* USA - NABI to unveil 'fresh' LFW platform

(Photo: A NABI LFW 2011 bus)
Washington,DC,USA -BUSWORLD -Dec 2011: -- North American Bus Industry’s (NABI's) proven LFW platform has recently received a fresh, new front mask that incorporates modern and functional design cues, including a more raked windshield, in single-piece or two-piece configurations, the latest headlight technology and an absorbing front bumper with integrated styling...  The roof top equipment enclosure also benefits from fresh, new styling with more streamline front and rear end-fairings. As with earlier LFW's, this rooftop enclosure is used to conceal CNG tanks or hybrid energy storage equipment...

* Italy - BREDAMENARINIBUS to be sold

(Photo: BredaMenarinibus Lander)
Turin,Italy -BUSWORLD -Dec 2011: -- According to press reports, Italian aerospace and defence group, Finmeccanica, is to sell its bus building subsidiary, BredaMenarinibus, next year. The company produces the Vivacity, Avancity, Lander intercity coach, Zeus electric minibus and the M240 EI hybrid. Turkish commercial vehicle builder, Karsan, which is now only building light- and nedium-weight vehicles, has been named as the possible new owner of the business...



* Report: Huge investment in intelligent transportation predicted

(Photo: Lane Departure Warning)
Boulder, Colorado,USA -Busworld -Dic 2011: -- Four key smart transportation sectors – traffic management systems; public transportation systems; smart charging for plug-in electric vehicles; and vehicle-to-vehicle systems – are set for a huge investment over the next five years...   According to a report by Pike Research, there will be a global investment across these four areas of $13.2billion with annual spending to increase from just under $770million in 2011 to almost $3billion in 2017...    Demand for these intelligent transportation systems is expected to increase in both developed and developing economies. Pike predicts that developed economies will see them as a way to maximise existing transportation infrastructure; while developing cities will incorporate these systems as they build their own transportation infrastructure...




* California - MCI alternative-fueled commuter coacher for Los Angeles

(Photo: A Los Angeles CNG bus model 2011)
Los Angeles,CAL,USA -Busworld -Dec 2011: -- The Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) recently celebrated the arrival of the first of 95 new Motor Coach Industries (MCI) Commuter Coaches, powered by compressed natural gas (CNG), with a ceremony outside of the Disney Concert Hall. The new buses will be used on LADOT's "Commuter Express" service and replace 95 older, diesel powered buses. The nearly $67 million purchase also makes LADOT's Commuter Express fleet 100% CNG driven, joining its 200 "DASH" shuttle buses, which are already 100% alternatively propelled...

* California - CARB’s on-road truck and bus rule reporting system is online

Sacramento,CAL,USA -Land Line, by Charlie Morasch -December 29, 2011: -- Many truck fleets will be required to report information into a California Air Resources Board database by the end of January, and that database is now up and running...  CARB’s Truck and Bus rule, also known as the “Retrofit Rule,” requires trucking fleets to install diesel particulate filters and upgrade their trucks beginning as early as January 2012 for some fleets...  Small fleets with three or fewer diesel vehicles must report truck information on all their trucks now if they have any trucks with 1996 through 1999 model year engines...




* FMCSA slaps Double Happyness Travel buses out of service

Washington,DC,USA -Land Line -27 Dec 2011: -- Holiday vacationers in the midst of travel to see family and loved ones have shuffled onto planes, trains and automobiles this past week... With any luck those travelers weren’t counting on round trips on Double Happyness buses... Double Happyness Travel Inc., of Huntingdon Valley, PA, was ordered to immediately cease all operations by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration... FMCSA said its safety investigators found the company failed to comply with hours-of-service, records of duty and driver qualification requirements. The company provided service between New York City and Albany, NY; Baltimore, MD; and Wilmington, DE...



* Europa -  Commercial Vehicle Registrations Up 8.4% In November

Brussels Belgium -Trailer Body Builder -Dec 20, 2011: ... * New Buses & Coaches over 3.5t: Buses and coaches were the only segment to face a downturn in November, declining by 11.4%. As Spain (-14.8%), Germany (-16.9%) and France (-23.2%) performed less well than in the same month last year, the UK proved to be an exception with its positive result (+43.8%). Over eleven months, performances were diverse across the EU, leading to a 1.0% drop in new registrations. Spain (+11.5%) and France (+16.6%) posted double-digit growths, while Germany (-5.3%) and the UK (-17.4%) fared less well. In total, 31,045 new buses and coaches were recorded from January to November...
* New Light Commercial Vehicles up to 3.5t – "vans": In November, the segment of vans saw registrations increase by 8.5%, totaling 141,800 units. France (+9.8%), the UK (+18.6%) and Germany (+18.8%) all performed better than in the same month last year. Spain, on the other hand, experienced a double-digit decline. Eleven months into year, 1,450,542 new vans were registered in the EU, or 7.6% more than in the same period of 2010. Growth in the region was mainly sustained by demand in France (+2.8%), the UK (+17.4%) and Germany (+18.4%). The Spanish market contracted by 9.5%...