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HYBRID BUSES * Sweden - The Arctic Whisper Goes into Passenger Service Only 11 Months After Project Start

The World's first fast charged hybrid buses are now in public service in Umea, Sweden

(Photo: The Arctic Whisper's hybrid bus batteries are fast charged by the Opbrid Bůsbaar for 10 minutes at the end of its route to achieve nearly 100% all-electric operation but with the reliability of diesel)
Umeå,Sweden -Green Living Review -November 26, 2011: -- Hybricon AB and Umeå Municipality took the next step in the development of the Arctic Whisper super fast rechargeable hybrid electric buses. A bus has been placed in service running on Umeå's busiest line. The first public installation of the Opbrid Bůsbaar charging station was inaugurated with a ribbon cutting by Umea Municipality representatives. The Arctic Whisper is the first in a fleet of affordable, sustainable, low carbon urban buses for Umea City...