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* Nigeria -  "N5b bus import from China is economic sabotage"". Want President, Goodluck Jonathan, to stop order

(Photo:Sun News - Innoson 6125 masstransit bus produced in Nnewi)
Lagos Nigeria -Sun News on Line, by Moses Akaigwe -October 21, 2011: -- The recent Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between the Urban Development Bank of Nigeria (UDBN) and the Trade Union Congress (TUC), for the importation of no fewer than 150 mass transit buses from China, has drawn the ire of stakeholders in the local automotive industry, some of whom have branded the deal an economic sabotage that should be halted immediately... They argue that such a huge patronage which does not come very often, should have been channeled inwards to the benefit of the groaning vehicle manufacturers and the economy gnrally... The N2.3 billion loan agreement which was signed last week at UDBN’s headquarters in Abuja, was part of a total tranche of about N5 billion approved for both the TUC and the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) by the bank from its Public Mass Transit Revolving Fund which commenced last year...



* UK - HybriDrive said to generate 30% fuel savings

London,UK -Fleet Owner, by Deborah Whistler -Oct 20, 2011: -- Road tests conducted by BAE Systems reveal that commercial trucks powered by the company’s green HybriDrive parallel hybrid electric propulsion system use 30% less fuel than trucks running on traditional diesel engines, according to a company announcement... The average fuel economy improvement of 30% on trucks powered by the parallel system was experienced across a range of standard driving cycles. However, the system performed best on stop-and-go cycles where average speed is between five and 20 miles per hour, the company said, making it a good choice for refuse collection and delivery trucks... BAE Systems is developing truck systems with Dennis Eagle in the U.K., and Crane Carrier Co. in the United States, to be rolled out in 2012. The HybriDrive parallel system will integrate with “big-bore” and heavy-duty diesel engines. The system is suitable for vehicles from 19,500 to 80,000 lbs. total gross vehicle weight...



Better Transportation * USA / California - How Open Data Could Make San Francisco Public One

Solution: Using data to help fix the city's busted transportation system

San Francisco,CAL,USA -Fast Company, by Ariel Schwartz -Oct 10, 2011: -- Unlike many cities, San Francisco offers a wealth of open data, with information available about everything from parking meters to public artwork. The trouble is, not everyone realizes quite how valuable this information can be. At last week's GOOD Design event, which pairs city leaders with designers--San Francisco director of innovation Jay Nath challenged Kicker Studio to come up with an innovative approach to educate the public on the value of open data...  Kicker had a slew of open data feeds at its disposal, including bus routes, incident reports, the fastest and safest routes, and parking information. After meeting with MUNI (San Francisco's transportation agency), Kicker discovered that NextBus--the system that updates riders on when the next bus is coming--runs off schedule data and only allows for four updates per year. That means in the case of any delays--and there are many--predicted arrival times are way off, and MUNI has no central communications system (drivers just write down incident reports and turn them in at the end of the day). Note: NextBus contacted us with updated information about this...



BUSMAKERS NEWS * China - Automaker to deliver double-decker buses for London Olympics

Chinese red double-decker buses, to serve the 2012 Summer Olympic Games

(Photo: Big bus tours in Shanghai)

Hefei,China -Xinhua -Oct. 8, 2011: -- A Chinese automaker has clinched a deal with a UK tour operator to provide the latter with red double-decker buses, a national symbol of Britain, to serve the 2012 Summer Olympic Games, which will be held in London...  The Anhui Ankai Automobile Co., Ltd. signed a contract with Britain's Big Bus Tours sightseeing company on Sept. 29 to export 34 open-top double-decker buses, which will be used for sightseeing tours during the games, sources with the bus company said Saturday...  The deal marks the first time for China-made double-decker buses to enter the UK market, where there are a stricter certifications for automobiles...  Ankai, a major Chinese bus manufacturer, has been working to tap overseas markets in recent years. The company received a 3,000-unit order from Saudi Arabia and a 280-unit order from Russia earlier this year...

* Sweden - Volvo Bus to double annual capacity by 2015

(Photo: Volvo buses. The Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation -MSRTC)
Bangalore,India -Reuters, by Aftab Ahmed and Bhaswati Mukhopadhyay -Oct 13, 2011: -- Volvo Bus Corp, part of Swedish truckmaker Volvo AB, expects to double its annual global manufacturing capacity by 2015 as it ramps up its presence in Asia...  The company expects Europe and North America, which are its largest markets, to remain weak and is depending heavily on the Asian market to drive growth...  Volvo Bus plans to increase its global manufacturing capacity to 30,000 units a year from 15,000 units -- half of which will be made in Asia...  In India, Volvo Bus plans to increase capacity at its existing facility near Bangalore to 2,500 units a year from 1,000 units a year and will set up a new plant to accommodate the rest...  Sales of trucks and buses in India, a key pointer to economic activity in the country, rose 18.05 percent to 70,634 in September, according to Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers...

* Poland - Solaris builds electric, hybrid buses

(Photo: midibus turbine hybrid)
Warsaw,Poland -Automotive World (UK) -October 17, 2011: -- The Polish bus and coach builder Solaris has built a pure electric bus based on the 8.9m Urbino family midibus. Its powertrain uses a 120kW four-pole asynchronous traction motor supplied by Vossloh Kiepe, powered by two liquid-cooled, 120kWh lithium-ion batteries weighing 700kg each. They have a rated voltage of 600V... The battery capacity gives the Solaris Urbino electric a range of up to 60 miles and a maximum speed of 30mph. The batteries are the source of power not only for the traction system but also for all auxiliary systems, including power steering, heating, ventilation and door control. Batteries are charged with a Walter plug-in connector. A full recharge from the 3x400 V, 63A terminal takes approx. four hours...

* USA - Voith Turbo opens hybrid powertrain centre

(Image: SteamTrac System - Waste Heat Revovery System Using a Steam Cycle)
Poway, San Diego, CAL,USA - Automotive World -October 17, 2011: -- Voith Turbo has opened a hybrid powertrain development centre to further develop hybrid diesel/electric drive systems for buses... The office, warehouse and testing facilities cover more than 5,000 square feet, and the building features a solar panel installation that provides electricity for most day-to-day facility operations... Hit herto much of Voith’s R&D and engineering has been based in Germany...  The California-based Maxwell Technologies will supply ultracapacitors for Voith Turbo's hybrid technology...  Solaris has built a DIWA hybrid prototype Urbino 18 bus in Poland...



TESTING BUSES * UK - Stagecoach Tests MAN CNG Bus in Liverpool

(Photo: A Man EcoCity bus)
Liverpool,UK -NGV Global News -October 1, 2011: -- Stagecoach, one of the UK’s biggest bus operators, has launched a six-week trial in Liverpool of a new hi-tech bus powered by compressed natural gas (CNG) – the first trial of the MAN-manufactured vehicle in the UK. The 12-metre single-decker EcoCity bus has an engine that is quieter than traditional diesel-engined vehicles and also has significantly lower greenhouse gas emissions than standard buses...  The bus can also run on biomethane, a fuel already used by Stagecoach as part of a project in Lincoln, England...  The low-floor bus, which is right-hand drive for the UK market, is expected to meet the new Euro 6 engine emissions standards, which come into force on 1 January 2014...



* USA - Daimler recalls 1,825 Thomas Built buses

Portland,OR,USA -Automotive World (UK) -September 29, 2011: -- Daimler Trucks North America is recalling its Thomas Built buses in the US due to a defective clamp assembly. The recall affects 1,825 of its Saf-T-Liner models...  According to DTNA, the affected buses with these engines feature a v-band clamp assembly used to connect the inlet and outlet cone sections to the diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC)/diesel particulate filter (DPF). This assembly includes a T-bolt, which can fracture and fail when subjected to stress or load...  A fracture or failure of this T-bolt can result in the loosening of the clamp, and consequently may cause the inlet or outlet sections attached to the DOC/DPF housing to disconnect. If these sections do disconnect, hot exhaust gases can vent before exiting the exhaust pipe, which would create the risk of combustion and a fire. Should both clamps fail, it is possible in some applications, that the DOC/DPF housing may detach completely, resulting in a road hazard...  The possible fracture or failure of the T-bolt is due to an error in the component supplier's plating process...


* USA - Dana to supply Spicer axles to Blue Bird buses

Toledo,OH,USA -Automotive World -October 05, 2011: -- Automotive component manufacturer Dana Holding has secured a long-term agreement to supply its Spicer drive axles for Blue Bird buses. These axles will feature in buses that are already equipped with Spicer driveshafts... Dana supplies axles, driveshafts, transmissions, sealing and thermal-management products for light- and heavy-duty vehicle manufacturers. The company employs around 24,000 people in 26 countries... 

* USA - Truck hybrids herald 'electric ptos'

(Photo: Eaton Powered Auxillary Power Generator)Cleveland,OH,USA Cleveland OH,USA -Automotive World, by Alan Bunting -October 17, 2011: -- Previously unforeseen spin-off benefits from diesel-electric truck and bus hybrid drives are beginning to emerge. Eaton in the US has just announced the development of what it calls auxiliary power generator (APG) options for its hybrid drivelines. The corporation says the technology will "allow customers to use vital equipment without requiring the engine to idle for power generation"...  Drives for all-manner of auxiliary equipment on trucks and buses have long relied on mechanical power-take-off (pto) installations, enabling the vehicle's diesel engine to be directly harnessed - often with the vehicle stationary - to power hydraulic tipping gears, refuse collector compaction gear and other on-board systems. Different pto configurations are available to suit diverse applications, via outlets from either the transmission or directly from the front or back of the engine. When fuel was relatively inexpensive, few qualms were expressed about pto drives, though there were always some environmental objections to the noise of engines being revved during on- or off-loading...




* Sweden - Hybricon bus wins Elmia Future Transport award

Umea,Sweden -Automotive World -October 07, 2011: -- Hybricon, the Swedish co-developer of the Arctic Whisper fast charged hybrid bus, has won the Future Transport Award in the category of Public Transport at the Elmia Future Transport Fair in Sweden...  Two Arctic Whisper buses are currently undergoing testing in Umea, Sweden with initial passenger revenue service beginning "soon"...  The Arctic Whisper e-Traction bus is billed as the world's first fast-charged hybrid bus. Its developers say it combines the zero local emissions benefits of an electric bus with the reliability of a diesel...  The Bůsbaar charging station provided by Opbrid is located at one end of an Umea bus route and fast charges the bus for a few minutes at the end of each trip, thus extending the all-electric range of the e-Traction hybrid bus to 18 hours. And, since this is a serial hybrid bus with a backup diesel generator, the bus can continue running on diesel or bio-diesel in case of brown-outs, traffic jams, or very cold weather...

* UK - British Airways Introduces New E.V. Bus Technologies at Heathrow

(Photo by Valence Technology: The purely electric Solo EV bus, which transports British Airways employees from Terminal 5 to the company’s head office, is equipped with a lithium-phosphate battery produced in Austin, Tex., by Valence Technology)
New York,NY,USA -New York Times, by Jim Witkin -September 23, 2011: -- Earlier this year BAA, the company that operates London's Heathrow Airport, began a first-of-its-kind electric pod car service to carry passengers between Terminal 5 and outlying parking lots. This month the 25-seat Solo EV, the first full-size, all-electric bus at a British airport, went into operation to move British Airways personnel between Terminal 5 and the company's head office a few miles away. The bus is projected to cover 50 to 60 miles daily and reduce carbon-dioxide emissions by about 20 tons annually. Solo EV is powered by a 600-volt lithium-phosphate battery system made by Valence Technology, Austin, TX...

* UK - One-third of Reading’s bus fleet is now electric driven

Reading,Berkshire,UK -The Recruit Group -September 26, 2011: -- Reading Buses now has the highest proportion of electric hybrid double deck buses in its fleet in the UK. Chief Executive Officer, James Freeman, said  that when a further four are delivered later in the week Reading Buses will have a total of 31 electric hybrid double deckers... This meant that one-third of the double-decker fleet would be electric hybrid powered which he believed was the highest proportion in the country...  Thirteen vivid purple hybrid double deck buses will operate the 17 route from Saturday October 1. This means that Reading Buses now has three routes all with hybrid buses – seven on the Yellow 26, nine on the Claret 20, 20a and 21 into the University of Reading every 7-8 minutes; and two buses in the Company’s silver generic livery as back-up... Mr. Freeman told visitors that the hybrid had a diesel engine, but it was the electric motor that drove the bus. It generated one-third less carbon raising its green credentials and used at least 22.5% less fuel for a greater economic performance...