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ENGINE MAKERS * Argentine - The benefits of CNG engine

With GNC (Concentrated Natural Gas) engine you save 75% your's Gasoline bill"

Mendoza,MZA,ARG -ESIGAS(PR) -6 Dec 2010: -- The company ESIG Argentina, has created a line of gas engine pioneers with special components to operate only on this fuel. Designed to intend and compete with the diesel engine used in heavy vehicles, public transport, irrigation pumps, compressor stations and power generators... After six years of testing on trucks, cities fleets', service stations pumps and other applications, ESIG Argentina launches 2 new gas engines in the country, ESI66TI 6-liter, inline 6-cylinder with 190HP turbo and intercooler ESI126TI 12-liter, inline 6-cylinder with intercooled turbo with longblock 380HP Scania. With this latest Scania chooses ESIG as Technology Partner providing the electronics and gas technology to a robust and reliable engine of 12 liters...
Recently applied this technology to two trucks and a Mercedes Benz L1624 LK1318 Southern Gas company currently working for Veralia (former Rayen Cura) and for a major supermarket chain, with high performance results between performance and low power consumption, making work more efficient logistics of the company and complying with international standards of corporate social responsibility and ecology within which it operates Veralia